Writing Dissertation and Research Papers

Dissertation and thesis is an essential part of the course curriculum which forms substantial part for achieving good grades for the student. In the present times the dissertations are integral part of the undergraduate and Master not to mention the higher academic degrees of doctoral etc. Choosing a suitable research topic and to develop the dissertation or thesis requires hard work as well as patience to carry on with the research and to get a valid conclusion from the same. Often it is also noticed that despite of a very good research work, students failed to write a good dissertation report.

Writing a dissertation required skills and knowledge about academic writing to make a proper sense out of the research conducted and to get the mentor’s approval. One of the major tasks for writing a quality dissertation is to develop a relevant literature review which is often being collected over a time. It is important for the students to understand a good dissertation starts with a proper executive summary and introduction to state an overall idea and information regarding the report. For the dissertation report to be more edifying solid background information is to be provided. A dissertation needs to have some specific objectives which form the base for carrying out the research; this requires the preparation of problem statement, research questions and development of hypothesis.

While developing the dissertation individuals often gets fixed at deciding the correct methodology for the research. The methodology for conducting the research is dependent on the type of data needed for the research, often it is the primary data on which the entire dissertation is developed and sometimes the secondary data collection suffice the requirements of the dissertation. Mixed methodologies are also common where both the primary and the secondary data are employed. Different techniques are also employed for the collection of the primary data like survey, questionnaire etc. For the data interpretation either qualitative or quantitative research techniques are applied.

For the quantitative data interpretation mostly suitable statistical tools are being favoured for the dissertation development. It is also important to compile the results and to write the outcomes clearly so as to present the results of the research conducted properly. All the steps of the dissertation writing from the very introduction to the conclusion are critical to develop a proper structure and to convey the purpose of the dissertations specifically. However for fetching good grades in the dissertation it is important to have a good command over the language and to present the dissertation with proper synchronization. The format of the dissertation is also important to support the content of the dissertation.

Moreover the individuals also need to properly edit, proofreading the dissertation to eradicate any mistakes like grammatical problems, sentence formation, syntax, typo error etc. It is not really required to use verbose words and technical terms in the dissertation unnecessarily for the dissertation to have quality content. For the dissertation to have quality content it is sufficient to have a logical flow of the structure, informative content and simple language to develop a good dissertation.