Get Tips How to Write a Critical Review

The most common myth about critical review among students is that in critical reviews they sometimes write the summary of the article. Critical review is very different from writing the summary of the article or advantage or disadvantage of the article. Critical review is the evaluation of the ideas and information given by the author in the article. It needs more of an analytical ability to understand the true meaning of the text and presenting it in the form of critical review. Critical review is not about discussing everything written in the text, rather it includes finding of the true key points of the text.

To write a good critical review student need to follow few simple steps which are as follow:

  • Read the article
  • Collect the important key points
  • Prepare a tentative plan
  • Write the review

For writing a critical review the most important step is to read the text carefully. Reading the text once would not be enough you need to understand the text very well. For writing a critical review you need to identify the key points, collect them, summarise them and evaluate them. It is about analysing the authors work from your point of view. It is also advisable that students must read the guidelines provided by the instructor and understand the assignment well.
After reading the work it is advisable that the critical review writer note down or mark the important points of the article. It is also important to survey the whole book instead of just reading the content. Students should read the preface, the content and the references also.

After collecting the necessary information students need to prepare the tentative plan, that is the structure of the critical review. The introduction of the article, the body of the content, the findings and the conclusion need to mention. There are certain points which are very important to be included in the critical review such as, the methodology that the writer has used, the effectiveness of the arguments made in the article, the information flow of the article, the formatting of the article, how clearly the book has been written and finally the strengths of the book. Then write the final critical review.

A good critical review includes the correct information provided by the writer, show evidence of different point mentioned in the article, provide final evaluation, mention of proper reporting verb, if you have referred any material while writing the critical review then proper referencing must be given and provide full bibliography details at the end of the article. After writing the critical review it is also important that the article looks good, so it must be formatted well.

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