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Essay can be written on any subject, or even on new topics which are unheard of, but for writing essays students needs to do lot of research work, and there is always a deadline to be met. After whole day work, classes and studies, it is really a very difficult task to write an essay.

Academic assignments writes essay on a number of topics that can be related to Arts like Athletes, Famous Films, Music, Singers and Sports. It can also be a Science topic like Biology, Chemistry, Computers and Technology etc. The topic can also be related to History like Ancient, Asia, Biographies and Europe etc. The topic can be an essay on management topic related to various subjects that can be marketing, human resource, operations, finance, ethics, branding, consumer behavior, and corporate relations. These are just few names; there is a long list of essays written by the professional writers of Academic Assignments.

Academic Assignments offers a complete framework for analyzing essays from their overall structure. Our research team works extensively for compiling all the information available online and offline through their vast expertise, knowledge, and experience in order to develop a unique essay writing service just for you.

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Kinds of essays

  • Admission essays
  • Cause and effect essays
  • English essays
  • Expository essays
  • Persuasive essays
  • Scholarship essays
  • Classification
  • essays
  • Critical essays
  • Deductive essays
  • Definition essays
  • Informal essays
  • Comparison essays
  • Argumentative essays
  • Entrance essays
  • Business essay

Process of writing the essay

  1. Brainstorming and group discussion on essay topic
  2. Preparing a strong title.
  3. Extensive Research.
  4. Formulation of main content.
  5. Preparing the draft
  6. Essay writing
  7. Submission for Approval.

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