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Dissertation writing is done to consaltancy the students in building a scientific attitude of thinking; it support in probing the depth of any subjects. It is a formal discussion prepared by the students. Dissertation writing support in training the students to do proper planning and developing analytical abilities within them. While writing a dissertation the most important point to remember is the methodology used while writing the article. While writing a dissertation there are specific role played by the project guide, the university by setting the standards of writing the standards and the main role will be played by the student who is preparing the dissertation. Dissertation writing involves a number of steps that are discussed below:

Select a topic : the most important step is selecting a correct topic for the dissertation. It is advisable to consult with the project guide before finalising the main topic. The topic selected for dissertation must interest you, as it require lot of research and to write a dissertation. The next step would be formulation of hypothesis; this includes the frame of the idea, within which the research will be taken.

Define the objective : to prepare a definite objective for your study it is important to research secondary data and collect a brief idea about the topic. After understanding the topic objective can be set. It must be clear, precise and simple to understand.

Literature review : literature review is the past work done on the same topic. It is advisable to the student to critically evaluate the past analysis. The literature work can be collected from various sources like books, journals and the internet. Literature review will support the students to learn from other’s mistake by analysing the strength and weakness of their studies.

Pilot study : it is advisable to the students that after collecting the necessary information they can conduct a pilot study in presence of the project guide. This will support the students in understanding the different aspect of the study and also reveal the problems that may be encountered by them while conducting the research.

Structure of a dissertation : dissertation writing follows a definite structure; it is different from other report writing. The dissertation format includes the following headings. Title, acknowledgement, declaration, the introduction, objective of the study, literature review, research conducted, analysis, methodology, results, interpretation, discussion, summary, recommendation and conclusion.

Time management : dissertation writing is a lengthy process and required lot of time to complete the whole process. There are deadlines to meet and submit the report so it is advisable to students that they prepare a time schedule to complete the research report.

Key points : these are some of the key points that will support you to make your dissertation best. The data used in the dissertation must be of reliable and valid, students must provide authentic references for all the data used. Another important point is the formatting of the dissertation; the dissertation must look presentable and prepared in a reader friendly manner. So you must do proper formatting, line spacing, margins, and avoid typological error in the text.

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