What Is Configuration Management?

Many of you must’ve run over the term ‘configuration’; being a cell phone user, you can’t be denied this information. The various applications on your cell phone require explicit configuration settings to run the application. So presently, what precisely is configuration management?

To comprehend it better, reexamine the case of a cell phone; when your telephone’s running out of battery, you want to track down your charger or, at times, a charger that accommodates your telephone’s configuration. Except if you track down a gadget charger that fits the charging opening, the voltage, and perhaps the brand of your cell phone, it is challenging to continue.

Configuration Management was first started in quite a while in the Defense Department in 1950 to carry out discipline in innovation management for the power’s equipment. Numerous years after, it has been a standard strategy in almost every industry.

Essentially, configuration management is the most common way of checking every one of the gadgets and their configuration in a business. Each of the various cycles – distinguishing the configuration, recording, investigating, and refreshing records according to the progressions made – falls under configuration management.

What are the Benefits of Configuration Management?

Configuration Management is worried about gathering metadata on all the organization’s innovation resources. Tracking the working and tech prerequisites of the various tasks of an organization is likewise a piece of it. Be that as it may, what might overseeing configuration do for business?

The following are a couple of reasons:

  1. It gives a routineness in the gadgets, servers, working frameworks, organizations, server farms, IT resources, configuration documents and other configuration settings.
  2. Dealing with the configuration increments productivity in the business through controlling and following the areas of need innovation.
  3. Having a piece of definite data on the various configuration credits helps dispose of superfluous duplication, which further helps in cost decrease.
  4. Viable configuration management allows businesses to keep up with fast issue goals and readiness, guaranteeing better customer administrations.
  5. Process unwavering quality can be guaranteed through improved frameworks. Fast identification and goal of configuration blunders prevent any adverse consequence on execution.
  6. Helps businesses characterize and execute formal strategies and conventions that help interact by observing and reviewing.
  7. Helps associations reestablish and recuperate quicker from tech disappointment or in the event of cyberattacks. Knowing the ideal arrangement of configurations helps start the recuperation method quicker and more straightforward.

Did you have any idea that Salt, CHEF, and Puppet are the names of some configuration management devices?

Thus, configuration management is far surprisingly significant. It has many advantages, particularly helping IT directors record, screen and further develop the technical support process. In this day and age, innovation powers businesses and is an essential piece of our everyday work lives. Configuration management has many advantages; however, tech updates and productivity are the generally significant.

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How has Configuration Management Changed the IT World?

We will consider the opposite to comprehend how significant and upsetting configuration management is for businesses. For what reason did configuration management become necessary, and how could it successfully determine the organizations’ issues?

Assume you have requested that a designer fix your framework; they could introduce some normal programming and convey codes. If the framework is still sluggish, they will illuminate the group supervisor and the individuals about different goals and assume they will fix it later. The codes are that the designer might think of codes that should be revamped later.

However, at that point, the work cutoff time will push the organization or the department to sort their framework out rapidly. The cutoff times will push the undertaking of rewriting the codes and content establishment to some other time. At the point when the ongoing engineer leaves the organization or can’t fix the framework, another designer will show up. In any case, they are presently more troubled with fixing and remedying the previous blunders.

The cycle continues to rehash, and the framework goal is pushed back for quite a long time. Configuration management helps you keep away from such circumstances. Fixing the root from the configuration server helps fix the configuration and resolves the most complex issues essentially in the framework working.

Resource management, a configuration management method, includes managing all the help resources throughout the business’ administration life cycle; configuration directors are taken from obtaining to removal. – Micro Focus

  • What are the business’ inclinations and the expected framework arrangement per the necessities?
  • The necessary configuration overhaul depends on the ongoing administrations in the business.
  • How did the business achieve the ongoing configuration state?
  • For what reason are future changes in the configuration required?

Configuration management helps answer every such inquiry and offers a compelling arrangement and checking expected to keep the efficiency rate.

What are some Configuration Management Examples?

Dealing with the configuration setting likewise helps issue goals, episode management, risk management, upkeep, and important updates. It isn’t restricted to a specific industry or a kind of limit or size of frameworks requiring support; configuration management is required for any business size. The following are a couple of industry instances of configuration management:


Various airlines screen and recognize the pieces of an aeroplane that need support and fix for security measures. It is a customary cycle, and the specialists look at each trip to deal with the ideal exhibition and methodology of a flight trip.


Banking virtual products are the ones that are dedicatedly designed and checked for obvious reasons. The tech engineers keep up with the framework, data set, administrations, and distributed storage to keep the exchange streaming without a hitch.


The data set, metadata, and the general working of the product/equipment of a telecom organization are vital for keeping their lines moving along as expected. Configuration management support helps such organizations offer the ideal assistance to their customers.


Space travellers have satellite correspondence as the main association with human advancement, in a real sense. It is essential to keep their mechanical gadgets refreshed and running. The virtual pattern products, space station parts and materials are a couple of the parts oversaw by configuration directors to separate fundamental information from space.

Did you know that businesses are progressively taking on Automation across the globe as a substitution for configuration management?

The requirement for configuration management is immense. It makes a wide variety of degrees for businesses and edu-tech devices; for instance, schools moved to online mediums with the changing idea of instruction. Ideal working and upkeep are significant for keeping understudies associated and giving them viable learning. It is a vital essential for each business and industry.

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