Typical Services Offered In a Virtual Office

Virtual office is one of the emerging concepts that have gained importance in today’s world when it comes to office. Virtual office is a rational and innovative way of reducing costs. As an alternative of operating an actual office with all its tangible facilities and maintenance, a virtual office provides the same convenience as an actual office but with a lesser cost as tangibles are not part of it.

Virtual offices are similar to that of a physical office when it is regarding the services that are offered to support a person and his/her business. All these are made possible by the boon of modern technology. This has proved that even from a distance, an office can operate effectively by performing all essential functions at a much lower cost.

The common services offered by the virtual offices have been summarised below:


Receptionists are important in an office. They are the officials who are responsible to assists the guests at any point of time when they first make contact and commence communicating with the office. The receptionists are offered with general information regarding the office and its operations to allow them for guiding the guests in what they are willing to know. There are remote receptionists present in the virtual form of offices. This set-up is made possible by deploying a software system that connects the receptionists to the other office personnel in order to provide assistance.

Call centres

The functions played by call centres are more or less similar to that of a receptionist and they are in charge of receiving calls from the clients. Nevertheless, call centres are trained to deal in a large volume of calls and for answering certain questions which are more technical or focussed compared to those being handled by a receptionist. Some of the call centres also offers the task of telemarketing. This denotes that they engage in undertaking outbound calls for reaching out prospective clients and ignite the interest in them regarding products and service sold by one.


Some virtual offices provide their clients with low cost options as for instance the voicemail service. As an alternative to hire receptionist or use call centre services, they record voice messages of incoming calls and reply to them as directed.

Virtual Assistants

One of the significant services of a virtual office is the virtual assistant. Unless a number of administrative tasks are undertaken and accomplished first, an office is deemed not to function effectively. The example for such encompasses appointment fixing, billing and book keeping. Virtual assistants make the offer work in an easy manner by undertaking charge of these details.

The above mentioned services are the few essential services that are provided by the virtual forms of offices. The office preparations are made easier by deployment of these services. In order to enjoy the convenience and efficiency offered by the virtual office one needs to secure a virtual office for doing business today.