Types of Research Paper writing

During one’s educational life a student has to undertake a number of research activities. A research is a systematic piece of work which includes and organized body of knowledge and provides for recommended solutions to a chosen set of problems. Mainly there are three types of research. They are the quantitative, the qualitative, and the mixed methods research.

In quantitative research the information and data collected are converted into numbers so that various statistical tools of calculations can be used to finally derive the results. In quantitative research deductive reasoning is being used. Through this reasoning from a general point of view, specific points of view are being determined. The statistical tools of calculations allow the student to understand and derive the relationships between the various variables in the research paper and thus analyze then accordingly to reach to a conclusion.

In qualitative research numbers are not involved, rather a research in the socially constructed nature of reality is undertaken. The researcher interacts with the respondents and collects their view points. Through the information obtained the researcher tries to understand the behavior of the respondents and frame his or her analysis accordingly. By collecting information from a small group a generalized approach out conclusion for the whole category is being determined. It is less scientific approach than that of quantitative research. Along with this qualitative research can be efficiently carried out only with small groups whereas quantitative research can be carried out with large number of respondents.

In mixed methods research the student uses both the approach that is quantitative and qualitative research. Under this method the student is provided with the complete freedom to use any of the methods in any of the circumstances to undertake the research. But one thing the student needs to keep in mind is that research method should be applicable appropriately in the given circumstance. The various techniques within the methods can either to apply at the same time or one after the other. Under this kind of research the student has to use a variety of data collection methods. Along with this multiple theories are being applied to interpret the results.

Given the various types of research methods, it at times becomes very confusing for the select the most appropriate method out of the three methods. It is due to this confusion that at times students make the wrong choice of the method and land up committing mistakes in their research. The result is that the entire research goes haywire.

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