Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Oxford University

Oxford University is a prestigious educational institution located in the heart of England. Oxford University is one of the renowned educational institutions, and according to Time Higher Education World University Rankings 2023, it is considered one of the best universities in the world. They are known to offer impressive faculty, and their teaching techniques positively contribute to society. They offer various social science, life sciences, business and economics, arts and humanities, and law and engineering courses. But getting a chance in that university is the dream of every child thus, and there is huge competition. Admission requirements vary depending on the programmes. According to 2023, it has enrolled its name in the list of top 5 Universities, and they maintain this record for the last seven years. Their admission process welcomes every student irrespective of age, culture and background. This blog will explore the top 10 reasons students dream of making their careers with this institution.

Exceptional Academic Facilities

One of the primary reasons that attract every student to build their career with that platform is its unparallel academic reputation. The university is constantly improving its faculty and maintaining a world record of being on the list of top universities for consecutively seven years; in addition to that, they are offering a wide variety of academic programs across a wide range of disciplines. Students get various advantages from their teaching techniques, which are carried out in three different forms: lectures, Seminars and Tutorials. These three modes of teaching allow them to excel in their knowledge.

Scholarship Schemes

Along with the exceptional academic facilities, it also offers scholarships to students who have intelligence but, due to financial instability, had to drop their careers. Hence this is a bumper offer for students who have financial issues. The primary objective behind providing this financial aid is that no students are left behind. The university also ensures students take the opportunity to work on internships during vacations.

Work while Study

Students who aspire to study at Oxford University must be aware that the university provides ample opportunities for students so that they can work while they study; this helps to reduce their financial burden. This has two advantages; firstly, they get the opportunity to have experience in their area of interest, and also, they can earn for themselves; this will ensure they can manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

Opportunity to finetune their skill set

Oxford University, along with exceptional academic facilities also known to serve remarkable opportunities for students to enhance their skill set and academic career. The primary objective is that they want every student to think critically and enhance their research skills; they also arrange for such programs to improve their communication skills and teach them about time management and pressure handling. All these skills make a huge contribution to their professional life.

Cultural Diversity

The University allows every single student, irrespective of caste, background and culture; thus, it allows students to communicate with individuals from other backgrounds and cultures. This diverse nature of the campus allows students to interact with individuals all over the world, and thus this helps them to excel in their knowledge as communication is the best medium to share knowledge from one individual to another. In addition to that, this also introduces them to different languages and food of various countries.

Healthcare Facility

Students of Oxford University are entitled to free healthcare facilities; this allows them to lead a healthy life and solves their financial issues related to healthcare emergencies. Students are not required to take pressure as the university provides free healthcare facilities to students who stay in the UK for more than 6 months.

Career Services

Students who study at Oxford University are very much, and this platform opens doors to a vast network of industry connections. The university ensures that students will have all the skills to get placed in a reputed organisation by assuring they are in their place of interest. They provide remarkable career services to students so they can build their careers without any roadblocks.


Students who have earned the certificates after completing their degree are considered to be the priority of employers. When the academic qualification of our resume highlights the name of Oxford University, employers are allowed to choose the job role. In addition, this gives them a brief understanding of your level of knowledge as they are very well aware of the quality of education the University provides. The university is committed to digital technology and communications, which also plays a significant role in students’ career paths and benefits the students to engage themselves in research and innovation work culture.

World Class Library Facilities

The university is known to provide Library facilities, with 70,000 plus books based on all subjects. The Bodleian Library is equipped with all relevant resources and thus helps support all the students, including the staff. Access to such a wealth of knowledge enriches students’ academic pursuits.

Rich Cultural Heritage

This point may be worthless, but the stunning architecture and picturesque landscape create an exciting student backdrop. In addition, Oxford University has notable alumni, and one may want to study at the university where their role models once used to study. Students can be a part of the centuries-old -tradition and walk through the paths notable alums once walked through.

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