The Challenges Of Balancing Work And MBA Studies

 Students working hard to grow their careers are required to have an MBA degree while working along with their studies. It is considered better for students to pursue a part-time MBA degree and work as a full-time employee in any organisation. Individuals who have graduated with an MBA degree have doubled their salaries; if the company hires an individual pursuing an MBA degree and offers them the reimbursement of their tuition, they can have their degree at a lower cost. Still, individuals are juggling and struggling with their coursework, studies, jobs and other challenging work. It is difficult for individuals to sit for 8 hours every day, and after completing office work, they sit to attend their classes and lectures and finish their readings and coursework, which makes them feel exhausted. And, if individuals have to fulfil their other responsibilities in their personal life, it becomes more complex to do everything in a day. Several challenges faced by individuals who juggle the responsibilities of their work and the coursework of their MBA degree are discussed below –

  • Balancing personal and professional life – Balancing the professional and personal life simultaneously is considered a complex task and is also seen as a challenge. Moreover, when provided with extra responsibility in their professional life, such as working on more projects or in their school or college life, such as preparing for their exams and completing coursework, they start sacrificing their family time, stop attending their lectures and stop getting involved in social activities. This results in a lack of proper health, exercise and sound sleep and upsetting eating habits, which makes individuals feel more stressed, have weak immune systems and be fatigued.
  • Depression and anxiety – Individuals having anxiety issues and self-doubt ultimately stress and affect their mental health as they are dealing with their professional work and completing their coursework simultaneously with a high expectation of achieving success in both. And this is what makes their life challenging. Doing both simultaneously makes the individuals feel that they face a never-ending struggle with a fear of not achieving good results and meeting their high expectations, ultimately increasing their depression and anxiety. And working or studying with depression and anxiety leads to lower results.
  • Lack of motivation and burnout – The firms providing job opportunities to individuals who can do a full-time job and pursue their MBA degree result in burnout. Individuals who are professionals are always doing multiple things at a time, stretching their time and also facing high stress, leading to an impact on their mental health. Moreover, it also reduces the level of enthusiasm and motivation in individuals and lowers their capability of doing the work at the same degree of motivation in the overall planned arrangement during their coursework or professional life. Also, it results in loss of degradation in the performance of individuals as sub-optimisation happens because of reduced degradation.
  • Isolation – When working as full-time employees in any firm and pursuing an MBA, individuals have a restricted time limit for making social interactions and getting more knowledge about networking opportunities. It is also possible that they may need more time to attend professional events to establish networks, be involved in extracurricular activities and make connections that may be important in the future. This makes them feel isolated, resulting in disconnected feelings from the events in the professional world, ultimately hindering their learning and opportunities that they may get in the future. Moreover, they may also need a strong support system, which will deteriorate the complexities individuals face trying to balance their studies and professional lives.

Tips To Juggle Completing Their MBA Degree With A Full-Time Job

There are some tips which individuals can use to stop juggling between their professional and personal lives, mainly on their studies. By following these tips, individuals can balance their lives harmoniously.

  • Establishing a proper place for study – Individuals must create a proper space for their study, as it is important to separate their studies from the daily work disturbance. Separating oneself physically aids individuals in creating a more focused mindset and lowering the chances of getting distracted. They need to choose an area free from noise and comfortable for them to feel concentrated without getting interrupted in between. A proper place for study can increase the chances of getting better results and higher concentration power in the individuals.
  • Preparing a schedule for Professional working hours – Individuals need to manage their time effectively as it is important for them to create a schedule which involves both dedicated time for their study and taking time for their job. Assigning limited time for their study or prioritising any particular tasks with a limited time frame helps prevent them from procrastinating. Setting goals and following them according to the schedule ensures they can progress in completing their MBA course while fulfilling their work commitments. Individuals can discuss their availability with their close ones, try to balance their academic, personal and professional lives, and live a life free of mental stress.
  • Prioritising tasks and seeking support – Individuals must effectively prioritise their tasks when balancing their coursework and jobs. They must recognise the most important tasks and due dates for either study or work. Breaking the tasks into smaller and manageable tasks and allocating limited time for each task makes them feel less stressed and easy to complete. Following this strategy aids the individuals in maintaining their company’s work, safeguarding them from the feeling of getting overburdened and guaranteeing progress in their study and work. Additionally, they can ask for help from their seniors or mentors and colleagues by helping them by showing proper guidance, sharing their informative viewpoint and giving suggestions depending on their personal experiences.
  • Taking proper breaks and practising mindfulness – Individuals must take breaks to avoid burnout and maintain productivity when they feel everything is unreasonable. Taking short breaks between hectic work and study sessions can help relieve the mind and make them feel fresh. Individuals must be involved in activities that make them feel recharged and unwind. By doing meditation, getting engaged in some mindful exercises or doing something of their interest helps relax and rejuvenate their mind. These small breaks not only help in improving the concentration level of individuals but also help in promoting the well-being of individuals.


Balancing the life of individuals who are acquiring an MBA degree and being a full-time employee is definitely a demanding thing to do. Pursuing an MBA degree entails exploring skills between coursework responsibilities and work obligations, which are challenging. Moreover, individuals have to plan meticulously, allocate their time effectively, and create a strong network, which can help overcome hurdles and achieve successful results.

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