The Best Management Courses In The UK

Concept and Importance of a Management Course

A management course is significant because it trains aspiring managers and leaders with the tools and skills required to guide the teams effectively necessary to achieve organisational goals. In the fast-evolving business landscape, leaders shall improve their management skills, which help keep pace with the changes and lead the team successfully. The management course entails imparting knowledge about different management skills, leadership, broad leadership and general management techniques. This management training helps the students gain skills and knowledge that will help them become better managers and leaders in the future (Bush, 2008). In other words, the management training programs aim to accelerate the capacity of the managers to motivate, influence and steer the team members toward achieving organisational success.

The management courses offer progressive learning careers where a student gains all the knowledge from becoming a junior manager to a senior leader. The management training courses develop the student’s capacity to communicate to make the team work efficiently (Bush, 2008). It also teaches the various ways of delegating tasks to the team members and teaches the hands-off approach and micromanagement. It also helps impart knowledge about adopting business statistics and data-driven decisions. In addition, other specific abilities are also taught, such as recruiting employees, making them work and resolving conflicts. The three important skills that are taught in management courses are interpersonal, technical and conceptual.

Best Management Courses In The UK

  • Chartered Director Programme: Pursuing this programme takes leadership skills to an optimal level and helps in the development of the development of organisational skills as well. It imparts knowledge about strategic thinking. This course is suitable for students who aspire to be executives and directors.
  • BTEC in level Diploma: This is a flexible approach to the learning process and can be acquired from both online and offline learning modes. The College of Central London offers this course, and it acts as a perfect way to bridge the gap between business and IT and helps impart the skills needed to succeed. In addition, a continuous assessment is also taken through this course, which is helpful for the students.
  • Chief Operating Officer programme: This programme helps to provide lessons about the leadership skills and the knowledge necessary to excel in this programme. Other things that are taught in this program are cost-effectiveness, customer service quality, profitability and a lot more (Răducan and Răducan, 2014). The course guides the experts related to employee motivation and retention.
  • Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: This refers to the interactive and intensive certification source that imparts skills and knowledge to students needed to qualify as executives. As the executive role tends to evolve, many organisations look for assistants with the acumen skills of the executive level. In addition, this course focuses on all the skills required to qualify as a strategic assistant and ace in delivering a comprehensive understanding of the organisation and the business. It helps develop practical skills such as project management, strategic thinking, financial awareness, stakeholder management and communication skills.
  • Finance for the non-financial managers: This course helps impart financial skills to managers, and it is much more comprehensive. This is perfect for those students from a non-finance background who want to have some responsibility related to finance for the organisation where they will be working. In addition, this course is suitable for students who want to elevate their careers as operations managers, general managers, directors and many others. This course helps in the development of financial confidence that is needed to succeed in the career.
  • Leadership and People Management Skills course: MDT International provides this course. It is a comprehensive course, available both online and offline, specially crafted to help the supervisors develop the skills needed to proceed in the business environment that is mainly based on the team (AlQershi, 2021). This course will teach us to communicate effectively and productively while motivating the team and delegating tasks. It also helps in problem-solving and managing the conflict when it arises in the team. The course is mostly interactive, comprising case studies, group activities and simulations. It helps in building confidence and providing hands-on practice. The newly acquired skill can be easily demonstrated by the learners in the workplace, which will ultimately help them to succeed.
  • Understanding Financial Marketing and Instruments Course: This course helps in giving a straightforward introduction to the international financial marketplace and is considered perfect for those candidates who want to take a step into the financial industry and accelerate their knowledge related to the financial markets (AlQershi, 2021). In addition, learners can acquire an in-depth insight into the financial markets and the main competitors. The various types of financial products, such as forwards, equities, futures bonds and usage, are taught to the learners.
  • Senior Management programme: This management programme is outstanding as it imparts the leadership development and the management skills needed to excel in the career. This intensive programme is mainly designed for the directors and the executive managers and equips them with all the practical tools and skills needed to motivate the team and drive the organisational success (AlQershi, 2021). The three main aspects of this course are strategic planning, change management and people development. With the help of interactive learning resources such as group discussions, delegated presentations and case studies, students learn to develop their performance, delegate tasks, supervise teams, motivate them, resolve conflicts, induce spirit and successfully initiate change in the business environment even if it is volatile.
  • Business management course: This is flexible and helps boost a career in business management. It imparts skills needed to manage a small business and also a larger business. Professionals craft this course with years of experience, and it defrays various topics that help escalate the career. It also helps in the foundation of a strong base in business management. Throughout the course, a student can learn the procedures that are related to business management and the available marketing techniques.
  • CMI level 5 award in Leadership and Management: This course gives the best opportunity to sharpen management and leadership skills. Experienced academicians impart the training, and the program embodies a wide range of topics, such as developing management capabilities, implementing suitable information in the decision-making process and training people (AlQershi, 2021). This course suits senior and middle managers who want to strengthen their understanding of management and leadership while acquiring a general recognition of management and leadership from the CMI.

List of colleges in the UK that provide the best management course

The best management schools in the UK that have been successful in imparting education in business and management are listed below as follows:

  • University of Oxford King’s College
  • London University College London
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Bath
  • University of St Andrews
  • University of London
  • University of Exeter
  • London School of Economics
  • Durham University

All the universities above provide flexible courses and open various student pathways. Some career options include project management, risk management, consultancy projects and business management. These courses provide a competitive advantage and offer the best salary per industry standards.


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Q1. Why is a management course regarded to be significant?

Ans: In the present era of a changing business environment, a person who portrays effective management skills holds a special position in the organisation. In this regard, a management course is significant as it helps develop leadership skills, develops the capacity for strategic decision-making, teaches how to adapt to changes and develops communicative and collaboration skills.

Q2. How does a student benefit from the management course?

Ans: By taking a management course from any esteemed business school in the UK, students acquire various skills such as leadership, people management, talent retention and development, introducing change management, developing interpersonal skills such as communication and collaboration and strategic decision-making.

Q3. Name any four universities that have successfully imparted business and management education.

Ans: The University of Oxford, Durham University, the University of London and the University of Exeter are a few of the reputed universities in the UK that have prospered in inculcating knowledge in business and management education.

Q4. What is the significance of the senior management programme?

Ans: The senior management programme is one of the popular management courses designed for directors and executive managers, and it teaches them about developing leadership, people management and change management.

Q5. Does a management course help develop leadership and people management skills?

Ans: Yes, a management course helps develop people management and leadership skills that help a leader achieve an organisation’s shared goals.

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