Student Accommodation Tips: Finding the Perfect Place to Live in the UK and Australia

Importance Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is important because it offers a sense of belonging and security that enables them to encounter risks and challenges related to higher education and acquire the associated life and academic growth. In other words, accommodation can help alleviate the risks to students, thereby boosting confidence and allowing them to excel in other spheres of life (Reynolds, 2020). Many also acknowledge that many students regard student accommodation as a peaceful place to study. Many do not find the library the best place to study. The accommodation also enables many students to socialise and make friends. Students’ mental health is immensely improved if they are given a chance to make friends with other students by studying, socialising, cooking, playing and living together by creating a respectful community for one another. The effect of maintaining healthy relationships affects the mental health of the students.
Allocating spaces for student accommodation shall take place before the arrival of the students so that there is enough to settle disputes, if any. In the United Kingdom, getting accommodation can be challenging for those students who have faced delays and have accepted the place using clearing (Reynolds, 2020). Furthermore, the allocation shall be provided according to the needs. Apart from providing the basics, it is also necessary to consider the students’ individual needs.

Accommodation Tips for Students in the UK

Initially, the students must decide on what type of accommodation they want. In the UK, three main types of accommodation are available: university accommodation, rented houses or flats in private student halls. Regarding university accommodation, mainly first-year and post-graduate students are offered accommodation; however, a student from the third year of second-year undergraduate students cannot himself accommodation in the university. In this case, the student can rent a house or a flat with the help of an estate agent (Sadykova and Meskill, 2019). The best way7 o do this is to contact the university’s student union so that they can recommend some estate agents.

Planning for the accommodation budget

While choosing accommodation, the students must allocate an affordable budget before they can apply for accommodation. However, if the student is availing the university accommodation, they can choose the payment plan. However, when choosing a rented house or a flat, the student looks for something affordable that fits their budget.

Selecting the location

The location of the accommodation shall be chosen wisely by the students. For this, he needs to research the town or the city and choose those areas that will be suitable for them to live in. Whichever place is decided, the student must ensure all his needs are met. In addition, he also has to check that the area in which he is staying is safe and has proper transportation links across the city (Sadykova and Meskill, 2019).

Researching the service and the utility providers and required licenses

If a student is availing the university accommodation, they will not have to consider paying their bills or having an internet connection. However, this case may be different; thus, it is required to check the facilities before moving on to a new accommodation. Thus before renting a house or a flat, the student needs to research the internet providers and the electricity. A student can only do this setup once he arrives at the hostel (Sadykova and Meskill, 2019)l. On the other hand, if a student wants a TV, he needs to get a license.

Checking out what needs to be brought and what will be provided

Most university accommodations are well furnished; however, the students must bring their bedding and other necessary equipment. As regards the flat, the student needs to check out whether the flat is well furnished is not. Many international students prefer having a fully furnished flat so that they don’t need to spend money once they come to the UK.

Booking a house tour before taking a decision

After the student is done shortlisting the properties, they can book an appointment to take a tour of the house after arriving at a conclusion. For this, the tenants and the landlord show them around the house. The house hunt shall be started as early as possible so that he has the scope to visit different forms of accommodation.

Some of the accommodations in the UK

In the UK the name of some of the famous accommodations are listed below as follows:

  • Apollo Court
  • Canto Court
  • St Mungo’s
  • St Regulus Hall
  • McIntosh Hall
  • John Burnet hall
  • Can The Old Fire Station
  • Falkner Eggington

Accommodation tips for students in Australia

Being an international student, finding an appropriate accommodation is necessary. In this regard, it is essential to plan and be cautious about the different types of accommodations that Australia offers to international students. Some of the accommodation tips for students in Australia are discussed below as follows:

  • Researching the available accommodation options

Before coming to Australia, a student must conduct research about the accommodations (Almalki, 2022). Websites such as Domain, a study in Australia or helps in forming an idea about the types of accommodations available in Australia.

  • Budget allocation

Budget allocation is a significant part of availing an accommodation in Australia. The factors that shall be considered comprise the utilities, expenses and rent related to the accommodation.

  • Exploring different locations

As Australia is a large country, accommodation in different areas has different costs (Almalki, 2022). It is necessary to explore the areas to find the right accommodation that adheres to the promise of the university and its affordability.

  • Contacting the university

In Australia, many universities offer accommodation services, or they can offer information about accommodation in the local areas near the university. In this regard, the students can contact the university.

  • Opting for shared accommodation service

International students can opt for shared accommodation services as it is cost-effective. However, making friends with new people can be added social advantage.

  • Availing short-term options

Students can opt for short-term accommodation options if they need clarification on their stay. For instance, they can opt for temporary rentals or hostels (Almalki, 2022). As a result, they will be given the flexibility to explore a wide variety of locations before they opt for long-term rent.

  • Staying cautious about scams

One of the common occurrences in Australia is scams related to rent. In this regard, the student shall be aware of the scams, and they shud only pay something if they visit the property.

  • Assessing the condition properly

The student shall inspect the property before signing the rental agreements. For instance, they can check for safety hazards or damages and further ensure that the fixtures and the appliances are functioning in the correct order.

  • Going through the rental agreements carefully

The student shall go through the rental agreement discreetly before signing the agreement. In addition, they shall give proper attention to the rental period, price and the additional cost and related proof.

  • Planning for the future

The long-term implications of the accommodation choice shall be considered by students planning to stay in Australia longer.

  • Opting for renters insurance

Renters insurance can be considered an additional cost; however, it helps provide peace of mind regarding thefts, loss and damage.

  • Consideration of the transportation facilities

While looking for accommodations, students shall also consider transportation facilities. Residing near public transportation can help in saving money.

  • Understanding the tenant’s rights

While living in Australia, students need to know the tenants’ rights and familiarise themselves with the available rights.

  • Participating in the cultural activities

Some of the accommodation providers in Australia provide cultural exchange programs that enable students to reside with local families and participate in cultural activities. This enables the student to adapt to the Australian culture and develop cultural and language skills (Almalki, 2022).

  • Forming an idea about the rental market

The rental market in Australia can be complex, and the different laws and regulations vary from one state to another. In this regard, the student needs to decipher the laws and regulations related to the rental market and participate in the effective decision-making process.

  • Negotiation is regarded as a must for the students

While negotiating the rental agreement,, students shall not act apprehensive for a beetle process that suits tier budget. This is because finding a suitable e accommodation in Australia can be challenging (Almalki, 2022). However, using proper planning and research, a student can find suitable accommodations for themselves, and while doing so, they shall act proactive in their search process.

Why getting student accommodation in Sydney is challenging

In Sydney, finding student accommodation is daunting as there is an increased demand for accommodation in the city, and a limited supply of feasible options. Some students often face language barriers, and thus it creates a stressful situation for them. As a result, it affects the students’ academic performance and well-being.

In Sydney,ICMS student accommodation offers both off-campus and on-campus, which is convenient for the students. For instance, the accommodations are Moran House, Kelly House, Claremont Beach House, and Waganelia. Students looking for accommodation options in Sydney can also avail of the homestays as they are affordable. However, they shall be aware of the tenancy laws and avail for the accommodations.


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  1. Why is student accommodation a necessity?
    Student accommodation is significant as it gives students a sense of belonging and security that enables them to face risks and challenges by higher education and achieve the desired life and academic growth.
  2. Suggest three tips for student accommodation in the Uk.
    Some suitable tips could be selected for a suitable location as an accommodation and planning for a budget while indulging in the selection process. In other words, the student can also take a home tour before signing the rental agreements.
  3. Suggest three tips for student accommodation in Australia.
    A few effective tips are understanding the tenant’s rights before signing the agreements, and negotiation is a must before booking the accommodation. While choosing accommodation, a student shall ensure that he is near public transportation.
  4. Name the places of Student accommodation in the UK.
    These are-
    Apollo Court
    Canto Court
    St Mungo’s
    St Regulus Hall
  5. Why is it tough to get student accommodation in Sydney?
    In Sydney, finding student accommodation is intimidating as there is an increased demand for accommodation in the city. Students face cultural and language barriers too, which is an added issue.

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