Operation Management Report

Research reports require lot of data to be included in this report. Operation management is gaining huge importance in today’s market place. It is becoming central function in many organizations. Operation management was regarded as a manufacturing unit function but now it is being highly implemented in the service industry as well. The objective of this article is to help the students in understanding the importance of operation management and ways to preparing an operation management report. This article will provide a comprehensive structure for preparing an operation management scenario report for any organization.

Operation Management is the function of the business that plans controls and co ordinate the resources needed to manufacture the company’s output and the services. It is a management function that determines its chief function. Every organization adopts organization function for service and manufacturing and whether for profit and non-profit purposes. The operation management report on any organization should include information on b\various perspectives of operation management in that organization. It should include information about its process and their brief analysis. Reports on operation management require proper analytical abilities and are very different from essay or academic writing.

The operation management report should start with background and introduction on the company on which it has been made, and then the report should include various operational management perspectives such as lean management, operation management, and process management information about the company. The operation management report should describe the overall operation process of the company in detail. It should also include information on the quality management system of the company. Then findings should describe the major findings of the report and the problems identified. The recommendation section should include all the strategic decisions suggested to the company by the student. Finally, the report should end with the conclusion.

It is very difficult for any student to include all the information or model of operation management in one report. It is suggested that first the student should select few operation management model that applied to the industry and then discuss them in the report. Besides giving good content in the report, the student should also focus on good formatting and presentation of the report. All the data should be referenced properly. An academic assignment is a well known assignment counsellor in global market to provide high quality assignment consultancy service for reasonable prices. For any operation management report guidance you can call us or email us.