Nursing Dissertation Topics

Why do nursing students need to write a dissertation?

Writing a dissertation in nursing is disregarded as a powerful vehicle for learning. This is because it provides an opportunity to work on organisational skills and methodology. Moreover, it helps build the appreciation of Research and demonstrates critical thinking most effectively ( Anderson et al. 2019). With the assistance of a good supervisor, an adeptly and carefully planned dissertation will help the development of nursing students. The dissertation enables nursing students to handle the tasks assigned to them easily. The dissertation documents are not only to fetch grades for the students (Johnson and Rulo, 2019). However, the dissertation documents suffice for a much larger purpose. The dissertation plays a great role when applying for the dream nurse job as it can help achieve that goal. This is why it should be the main priority for the students to select unique dissertation topics on nursing. Sometimes it may be easy to choose a topic that may appear simple at first sight. In this regard, the students make a mistake. Thus there is a necessity to avoid the hurry and choose suitable nursing topics.

How to choose dissertation topics in nursing?

The experts refined the method of choosing dissertation topics over time. It is imperative to comprehend it to get the best reward, which can be done by selecting the best topics (Glasper and Carpenter, 2021). While choosing a topic, it is necessary to consider the two points. Firstly the student must choose a topic which she is passionate about, and secondly, the student can choose a topic with lots of topics and literature to Research.

What is preferred by the professor?

Professors mainly prefer or show interest in a particular field compared to the overall subject. For instance, there may be nursing dissertation topics, such as evidence-based nursing topics, that professors might prefer (Kleib et al. 2021). In addition, they are nursing topics related to clinical management dissertation topics, which students can choose while writing. The students’ choice shall mostly be focussed on choosing the topics on which more Research can be performed.

What is preferred by nursing students?

When the student has narrowed down the nursing dissertation topics as per the interest and choice of the professors, the next step that shall be considered is the preference of the nursing student. As the academic work is extended over a longer duration, it is most likely that the nursing students may lose interest in their respective works (Sánchez et al. 2022). Thus, the topic can be chosen from that field the student plans to take up.

Why is there a need to do enough Research?

Selecting from the list of dissertation topics in nursing without sufficient Research may affect the grades. This task entails a thorough comprehension and a lot of writing of the earlier work done in the field. A nursing student cannot take it lightly. A student has to research the field to search for the work done in the past. The student’s aim should be to identify the aspect that needs to be addressed and where maximum contribution can be given (Lewis, 2020). For instance, while looking for the nursing dissertation topics, the student can base their Research on the strategies that could have minimised the losses during the pandemic. Nursing dissertation topics like this shall mostly be based on real-life scenario, which can help students to score better in their evaluation.

  • The necessity to collect enough data

It has been noticed that most nursing students need to think about collecting enough data at the beginning of the dissertation. The dissertation document is always lengthy, and the need for more data can affect the quality of work (Heitzler et al. 2019). Thus the students must look for nursing dissertation topics with enough data and research material to help in the successful completion of the dissertation. On the contrary, the shortage of sufficient data can affect the targeted size of the document, and this may affect the grades of the students,

  • Importance of comprehending the guidelines

Another area for improvement for the students is when it comes to understanding the dissertation guidelines. Initially, the student is asked to follow certain guidelines while selecting the topic, and they start writing on something irrelevant. For instance, the nursing student may be given a topic with the sample nursing dissertation topics for reference (Heitzler et al. 2019). Surely this will be related to the various aspects of nursing. In this regard, the students must study them and find a common theme. Some students need to pay more attention to the cue and take up nursing dissertation topics that need to be more suitable. This can affect the quality of the dissertation. Before finalising the idea and the topics, the students must answer all the questions related to the nursing dissertation (Devi, n.d.). This acts to be an obvious process; however, if taken too lightly by the students, might hamper their grades. If the students still need clarification about the field they want to explore, they shall refer to the available nursing dissertation topics.

List of the popular nursing topics to deliver an A+ level dissertation

Students can take the help from the below-mentioned list as a reference for developing unique nursing dissertation topics. They can build their work based on the topics to impress their professors. Below are some of the best dissertation topics on nursing based on the current state of nursing and their practices worldwide.

  1. The necessity of providing consumer education to the nurses
  2. The function of the nurses in pain management who are dementia affected.
  3. A comparative analysis of the national and the private healthcare system in nursing.
  4. Assessment needs and risk management in healthcare.
  5. The main benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy are the reduction of symptoms and patients’ recovery from schizophrenia.
  6. Improving and standardising the quality of care in the neonatal intensive care unit
  7. Paediatric obesity: a holistic approach.
  8. Counselling of mental health in different cultures
  9. How has integrating mental health services influenced health outcomes in developing countries among ill people?
  10. A critical nursing career in mental health patients.
  11. Adoption of the pain relief therapies used by the nurses for receiving the illness of mental health patients.
  12. An analysis of collaborative nursing and its influence on healthcare.
  13. Analysing the significance of spiritual awareness along with adult nursing in palliative care.
  14. What are the traumatic factors concerning the profession of adult nursing?
  15. What are the nurses’ functions in dealing with adult patients’ problems and complaints?
  16. An evaluation of the entrepreneurial opportunities for the nurses.
  17. Impact of the increase in shifting from the inpatient to the outpatient setting.
  18. Evaluation of the relationship between the adult nurses’ experience and knowledge.
  19. Why is there an increase in the need for specialisation in the various areas of medicine, comprising gerontology, psychiatry and obstetrics?
  20. Evaluation of the integration of new models needed for training the nursing staff.
  21. Evaluation of how nurses can eliminate and reduce patient stress levels and anxiety.
  22. Evaluation of the growing concept of the nurse navigator.
  23. An evaluation of the competency of nurses staff in the dementia area.
  24. Evaluating the increased staff turnover in the hospital that can threaten patient safety and fail to provide positive performance at the small health care unit: finding causes and the possible solutions.
  25. Analysis of the health care management of older adults above 65 years of dementia in the UK.

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  1. State the requirements of a nursing student to write a dissertation?
    In nursing, writing a dissertation is integral to learning. It offers the opportunity to work on the methodology to develop an appreciation of the Research and demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  2. What kind of dissertation topics shall be chosen in nursing?
    It is essential to choose those topics in which a student is interested and also the topic has to be chosen where the students can research lots of literature and topics.
  3. Why there is a need to do enough research work in nursing?
    Nursing research is important as the nurses constantly need to improve their practice and offer better care to the patients. Nurses who acquire information literacy skills can effectively apply the information to develop their conclusions.
  4. Why there is a necessity to gather enough data in nursing?
    In nursing data collection is more important as it enables the healthcare providers to make more informed decisions about patient care delivery.
  5. Why do students rely on Academic assignments for nursing dissertations?
    Academic assignments serve the best and impeccable quality nursing dissertation. Moreover, a plagiarism guarantee is offered on the dissertation that we prepare.