Networking for Success: Connecting with Alumni and Professionals

Importance of Alumni networking

Alumni networking is considered significant as it assists in developing long-term relationships with like-minded professionals. Creating these bonds over a long period assists in connecting with people with similar interests and further helps in finding suitable career development opportunities. The alum network helps connect with peers with similar interests and industries (Michael Page, n.d.). They are also familiar with the level of education and might have encountered similar challenges to enter the industry. Connecting with the alums thus help the students to get useful resources for finding job opportunities and provide guidance and support to progress in their career.

The Importance of Professional Networking

Professional networking is significant for career growth. Networking is essential as it allows students to create relationships with similar professionals in the industry (Michael Page, n.d.). Once robust professional networking is formed, the student will learn about the job opportunities and apply accordingly. Persons who shall be included in the professional network comprise former and current colleagues, peers, classmates, teachers, professors, friends working in the same industry, members of similar associations and recruiters who are specialised in the same field.
Steps for alum networking

  1. Participating in the organisations and alums groups
    Networking for Success: Connecting with Alumni and Professionals
    Alum groups and associations can either be joined online or offline. Joining these groups helps stay connected with the industry professionals who often organise meetings to bring all the like-minded people together. Some organisations ask for membership fees; however, it is a powerful resource to stay connected with the alum network.
  2. Participating in alum events
    If students decide to join the alum association, they must ensure they participate in all the alum events and workshops. All these events act as superior networking opportunities and help the students in getting an insight into high-profile alums (‌Cohen e al. 2010). In addition, it also enables one to get connected with peers. Students shall attend these events with a clear objective or goal to connect with influential people.
  3. Working on the elevator pitch
    An elevator pitch refers to the way of introducing oneself, thereby highlighting the key points that are required while interacting with someone. Students shall put forth their attributes in the elevator pitch when stepping into the networking environment. This helps in the creation of rapport with the alums, thereby ensuring an effective conversation.
  4. Preparing a questionnaire in advance
    Students shall prepare a questionnaire in advance to connect meaningfully with the alums. This aids in guiding the conversation while attending the network events and ensuring that the most significant topics make their way into the discussion. Another set of questions shall comprise focusing on the hobbies, personal lives and the interest of the units. This helps in finding people with similar interests.
  5. Contacting directly with the alumni
    Reaching out directly to the alums also serves as an effective way. This helps in building a career in a specific industry (Muse, n.d.). Alums shall be based on their specialism or profession. While contacting the alums, sending a pleasant greeting and figuring out why it is necessary to get into contact.
  6. Using social media to get in contact
    Social media serves as an excellent platform for contacting alums. Hence students shall research suitable social media channels and find ways to connect with the alumni (Muse, n.d.). In other words, social media platforms also serve as an effective tool to keep them updated about the alum network. Students can directly contact the posts by commenting or liking and showing interest in them.
  7. Assisting alums in similar situations
    Professional networking helps in connecting with like-minded people. This helps in giving career advice to peers regarding job openings. Based on the input, the concept of an alum network depends. When the alumnus is helped, students can build a strong bond with them. This places the student in a good position to benefit better in the future.
  8. Providing insights to others
    Students shall make themselves visible in the alumni network, which comprises liaising with the university or college (Muse, n.d.). This helps in connecting with industry professionals and the educational community. The colleges also send newsletters to the students so that showcase their contributions.
  9. Use LinkedIn to make relationships
    LinkedIn is an outstanding tool for students to connect with university alumni and schools. Many universities have active LinkedIn groups used to interact with peers worldwide. Moreover, this platform helps connect the students to people who have yet to be known. For instance, if a student wants to work for a particular organisation can look for alumni who are already working there.
  10. Communicating and connecting with the mentors
    While reviewing social media and LinkedIn, if students come across fellow alumni who are senior to them, it will be an excellent idea to reach out to them. In addition, many alumni associations organise formal mentor programmes so that students can connect with the alumni (Muse, n.d.). An alumni network not only assists by giving career advice but also helps in getting the jobs available in the network.

What are the benefits of Industry Networking?

  • It helps in strengthening the business connections

Regularly keeping in contact with the professionals helps in strengthening the relationships. In addition, exchanging information about opportunities and challenges helps the students get new insights.

  • Raising the professional profile

Making the profile visible and noticeable helps in career building. Attending social and professional events enables students to get better opportunities. In other words, raising their profile exposes them to recruiters who always seek new talents.

  • Progressing the career

Being noticed and visible is another advantage of networking, and it is an important aspect of career building. Attending professional and social events lets one know the faces (‌Cohen et al. 2010). In addition, it helps build the reputation as knowledgeable, supportive and reliable by giving useful information to the recruiters based on which they will be recruited.

  • Acquiring new information

Networking with professionals is one of the most significant opportunities to learn about business techniques and the available job opportunities of peers and stay ahead of industry developments. A broader network of interconnected and informed contacts offers access to new and valuable information.

  • Developing confidence

Perssinetly meeting with new professionals helps in building self-confidence and social skills with which students can prosper in their careers. The more they network, the more they will grow and will be able to make long-lasting careers with industry professionals.Getting a preferred job
Professional networking helps extend contacts which helps create new opportunities for personal growth, business, career development and, in general, acquiring knowledge in abundance (‌Cohen et al. 2010). Candidates might not be aware of getting hired for the ideal job. Thus more he networks with the professionals, the more he will come across the opportunities that will come up.

How shall networking be done?

Networking is important for career development and the growth of personal life. However, the reality is that many people need to be more fortunate to get in touch with industry professionals. One of the best rules is to plan and acquire a few points of discussion to discuss with the new people they meet. However, the topics of discussion need not be related to jobs. Topics can be about the events himself or his hobbies. In this way, the network exposes the industry professional, which helps the students in getting jobs.

How does the college alumni network help as a valuable resource?

College alumni network helps stay connected with the alma mater with the help of which students can find professionals and partners who will comprise an essential part of career development (‌Cohen et al. 2010). In addition, the alumni network also helps improve mentor opportunities that can enable them to connect with the students who are eager to enter the work as candidates. Expanding the audience and building the brand helps in sponsoring alumni network events. In other words, an alumni network enables people with similar interests and shared experiences to conduct networking daily. This implies introducing the graduating students to the employers and linking the potential business partners with one another, thereby helping to promote the alumni brands. Thus alumni networks can act as powerful tools and essential resources if the students know it to leverage them properly.


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  1. Why networking is required for success?
    Networking is regarded as essential for success because it helps in improving skills while keeping the students updated about the emerging market trends in the industry. As the students can connect with the alumni and the industry professional, who not only update them about their jobs but also help in their career development.
  2. What is the significance of alumni networking?
    Alumni networking is considered significant because it helps build long-standing relationships with like-minded professors in the industry. As a result, the students are assisted in their career development by the network of alumni. In other words, alumni networking inspires, teaches and helps them to advance towards their future.
  3. State the Importance of professional networking?
    Professional networking helps students to build their professional relationships and open the door for them to get in touch with new opportunities. As a result, it helps exchange best practices and innovative ideas. In addition, it also helps in business growth, personal growth and career development.
  4. Enlist two methods for alumni networking.
    Contacting directly with the alumni and participating in the alumni events are the two essential methods of alumni networking. This helps the students find job opportunities, thereby helping their career growth.
  5. Is the college alumni network a valuable resource? Explain
    Undeniably, the college alumni network is valuable as it exposes students to various job opportunities. Employers are introduced to the graduating students, in which the former and the latter benefit equally. The former comes across the pool of new talents while the latter get employed in their preferred jobs.

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