Need for effective communication in an organization

Communication is the life and blood of the organization and without a sound communication system in an organization, the organization will soon suffer dire consequences like missed deadlines, incomplete tasks, unmet goals etc. A proper communication is required in an organization to so that it can operate in a productive manner. The management and the employees must try to build a communication system that enhances the organization.

An effective communication process contributes a lot to the productivity and few workplace examples are getting customer’s orders right in the sales meetings, conveying the right message to the supervisor, understanding the instructions that are given for any procedure and proper understanding of the goals. A communication is effective only when the listener properly understand that is being said to him and is able to express his response back to the speaker. The listener must understand the meaning of the message conveyed to him in order to give a correct response.

A proper interpersonal communication is necessary to ensure success. Interpersonal communication is such a communication that involves two or more people and in which each take turn being the speaker and the listener. The amount of interpersonal communication in any situation is small but it is very much vital for the organization. The amount that each party takes time in speaking or listening is not equal but but it is appropriate when both the parties understand each other and work effectively for their progress.

Many damages might result because of a poor communication in an organization. The number one result of poor communication is the loss in time and effort as poor communication results in misunderstandings and redoing the work already done. One might lose important sale or contracts because of poor communication. Stress and tension in the workplace in another cause of poor communication. Misunderstandings between co-workers can result in the not talking to each other and their lack of communication might affect productivity and create stress and tension among other co-workers as well. Many business opportunities might be missed and prospective customers might go to the competitors because of lack of a proper communication system.

There are various elements in an organization that results in effective communication like proper training, commitment and focus on improvement, practice, team effort and development. Therefore, it is very necessary to have proper and effective communication in any organization.