Learning about Research

Research can be defined as the process which follows a logical as well as systematic search for acquiring novel and practical information on a specific topic. The research consists of investigation for seeking solutions to social, scientific or other problems with the help of a particular objective and methodical analysis. The information can be collected from various sources, for instance, through experiences, books, journals, websites, human beings etc. The research helps to contribute in enriching the existing knowledge. Through research it is possible to induce progress and development in a particular area. Research can be conducted with the support of study, observation, experiment, comparison, reasoning and analysis.

Research methods may consist of several procedures algorithm, schemes etc which are being employed in the research; i.e. the various methods employed by the research to carry on with the research. In general the research methodologies are scientific, planned as well as value-neutral. The research methods may comprise of the experimental studies, statistical approaches, numerical schemes, theoretical procedures etc. the research methods facilitates the researchers to gather the samples, information and to interpret and analyze the solution to the problem. Principally in case of the scientific research, the methods ought to basically comprise of the collected information, observations and measurements and not on the reasoning itself.

The research methodology can be considered as the methodical approach to resolve a problem; it a branch of study which helps to carry out the research. Fundamentally the processes which are employed by the researchers to describe, explain and forecast the occurrences are being addressed as methodology.

The research can be basic or applied depending on the topic and objective of the research. Basic research can be considered as the investigation which is based on the underlying principles and the cause of a specific event to take place. The basic research is also being called as theoretical research. Essentially the basic researches are being carried out for investigating some natural phenomenon or pure science. In case of the basic researches often the application of the study is not being employed for immediate use as it is not apprehensive for resolving some realistic turbulence of urgent interest. Basic research helps providing a methodical insight to a problem and derives the scientific and rational clarification to the conclusion of the research. In case of the applied research, the researchers generally resolve particular problems by using established principles and theories. The applied research consists of experimental studies, case studies as well as interdisciplinary investigations. The applied researchers are being considered supportive of the basic research.

Further both the basic research and the applied research can be segmented as quantitative and qualitative; in some case both the processes are being applied to carry out a research. the quantitative research follows the measurement of amount or quantity, in the quantitative research the procedure are being articulated or clarified  with the help of one or more expressions of quantity. On the other hand the qualitative researches are more concerned with the occurrences comprising its qualitative aspects. in case of the qualitative research it is mostly non-numerical in expression and employment of reasoning are more.