Importance of Quantitative Research

Author: Mark Edmonds

While undertaking any professional course at the post graduate and graduate levels, it is a mandate that any student has to undertake quantitative research. The success or failure of a student in the professional course depends on the success or failure of the quantitative research undertaken by him or her. It is very important to announce (mention) that both primary and secondary method is used if there is any use of Literature review in a research. Literature review is always a secondary research and the mention of the same is very important for the data collection method section. It is only after a good secondary research that a primary research is done to enable better findings. At this juncture, it is important to decide wheather a quantitative or qualitative or mix apprach is to be selected for furthering the studies.

More that 65% of the dissertation is done using quantitative research method when it comes to primary data collection. The important and uniqueness of quantitative research lies in the fact that it requires the involvement of a large number of participants and uses statistical tools during the collection of data as well as during the analysis and interpretation of data. Hence it becomes very difficult for a student to understand and undertake a quantitative research.

The quantitative research report contains of an abstract, an introduction, a literature review, research methodology, analysis and interpretation of data, recommendations and conclusion. Each step in the research process is very important and is time consuming. It is important that the research should be well conceptualized and also study should also be well executed. This makes the base of a quantitative research strong. During this phase, it is important to answer certain questions like, what is to be researched how to research on the topic, in what context to conduct the research and on whom the research will be conducted.

The research is then conducted by collecting data through primary and secondary sources. A statistical hypothesis that is developed in the beginning of the research process is being tested through the data collected through primary sources. While doing the research the student also has to ensure that he should not use too many statistical tools, this will complicate the research and result into confusion. The entire process of undertaking a quantitative research and developing a report is very challenging. It requires sufficient time and also the dedication the student. Along with this proper knowledge and skills are also required for undertaking quantitative research. Many a times it is not possible to do the quantitative research on its own and they need professional guidance. There are many service providers who provide for specialized consultancy services to undertake quantitative research. is one such an online service provider which specializes in guiding the students to undertake and develop a quantitative research report. They provide for consultancy services and guidance to the students with the help of a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants. Taking professional help, allows the student to develop the research paper without errors and save his or her crucial time. They provide for these services at very cost effective prices and also within the stipulated time deadline.

The quantitative research paper fails if it is not in a position to covey the right message or meets the objectives with which it has been developed. It should also be in good shape and proper format. The information must be sequential and there must be a link between the various paragraphs. Also the research should provide for concrete results. If the results are confusing then it is obvious that the research has failed to meet the objectives with which it was being developed.