Importance of direct marketing

Small and medium scale business advertise their product through direct marketing only, with increasing cost of advertisement and promotional activities, direct marketing is one such activity that is being widely used in the market. This strategy helps in creating brand awareness among the consumers. This technique is being used in both business to business and business to consumer markets. Direct marketing is one such form of advertising in which the businessman directly contacts with its direct customers or retailers without any other form. This is a direct communication method. Direct marketing is very prominent in businesses that target niche market segments.

However, with time the definition of direct marketing has also changed a lot, it is no more limited to direct interaction, instead with internet and globalization, various forms of direct marketing is taking place in the market. Earlier, the concept o direct marketing was limited to postal drops, promotional letters, catalogue distribution, e-mail campaigns etc. However, in the recent times the concept and methods of direct marketing have changed drastically. Presently the role of direct marketing also includes creating brand awareness, enhancing brand image and gaining customer loyalty.

Direct marketing a very measurable form of advertising a product or service, here direct interaction with the customer takes place. direct marketing includes the strategies such as email marketing, online marketing which is being used most in the recent market place, the mobile marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, voice mail marketing etc.

There are problems and challenges faced by organization in implementing direct marketing; it includes lack of resources and huge time required for direct communication. The major benefit of direct marketing is that the organization is able to communicate with the direct target segment, which will help in saving cost and achieving higher turnovers in sales.

Direct marketing consultants should be hired appropriately; they can help greatly in customer acquisition and retention. They can also help in maintain ling term customer relationship and gaining customer loyalty. Especially in the time of economic downturn, mass marketing is not a wise option to choose, instead direct marketing can help in communicating with the distributors and customers. One to one direct marketing is also helpful in providing tailor made incentive, understanding customer demand in a broader perspective and it is also an effective marketing strategy for medium and small scale business.

The above analysis helps in understanding that direct marketing is very effective tool of reaching target segment, if used properly. It is also one of the widely used strategies by medium and small scale organization. This strategy is also helpful for organizations with definite target segment. Academic Assignment is a well known assignment consultancy service provider in the global market; we provide various types of high quality assignment guidance services in very low prices. We also provide high quality reference papers to help the students in understanding various types of assignments such as report, dissertation, case study analysis etc. for any help please contact us through email us or call us.