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A hypothesis in dissertation is basically a statement made by the researcher according to the prediction of the result or outcome of a particular research work.This hypothesis is followed by a null hypothesis which yet don’t have any actual existence in the modern research field till date. So, it can be considered as an imaginary statement till it is proved through sufficient research work.


A hypothesis is based on an imaginary or predictable statement which has no effect while its counter statements always predicts an effect. There are mainly two types of hypothesis, one can be termed as ‘one tailed’, in which it has a proper indicative nature towards growth or decay. The other type can be called ‘two tailed’, which don’t have any specified direction. It only indicates a change.

How to make a good hypothesis

  • Firstly, it should be under consideration that a hypothesis is more applicable in the field of quantitative research and analysis as the qualitative research part depends on various indirect or intangible parameters which is related to human experience.
  • Hypothesis should be properly matched with the objective of the dissertation work. So, it is necessary to take care that it does not directly matched with the aim, objectives or related studies. It should clearly represent the thoughts about the final outcome of the research work.
  • Hypothesis should be realistic in terms of its justification. So, a researcher should take care of the fact that it matches with the variable data analysis and dissertation process of shorting out them. If an analysis can be converted directly in mathematical numbers, it can be functional as an effective hypothesis.
  • It is necessary to create a rational relationship between the realistic and variable approaches of the hypothesis because it is not always possible to match the preliminary thoughts exactly with the tangible parameters. So, comparative study is very necessary to make it an effective one that is with the existing relationship with the absent ones.
  • An effective hypothesis should be very sorted in terms of its expression. It should be clear as well as simple. It can be more than a single sentence, but it should be properly framed or structured to properly express the thoughts about the outcome of the research work.
  • Choice of word is a very important factor in writing an effective hypothesis. Positively approached sentences should be replaced by the sentences expressing possibilities. For example, ‘prove’ or ‘establish’ like words can be represented as ‘support’ or ‘suggest’ like words.

The main character of a hypothesis is that it does not merge with the topic or its aim and objectives. It should carry its clear identity in terms of expression related to the present problem and the findings of the future research. So, it needs sufficient time to properly structure it with proper effort and represent it clearly, related to the overall purpose of the dissertation work.

A hypothesis is based on an imaginary or predictable statement which has no effect while its counter statements always predicts an effect. It is followed by a null hypothesis. For writing a good hypothesis, certain effective process needs to be adapted like it should match the objective, should be sorted in terms of expressions, etc. It should retain its individual identity and should not merge with the topic or its objectives

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