How To Write An Outstanding MBA Application Essay?

To start writing an impressive MBA application essay is a difficult task to do. This is so because there is a need for self-analysis and careful reflection while drafting the application. Although by following several basic guidelines, one can write an essay showcasing your accomplishments and exceptional qualities while convincing the admission committee members that the student is a deserving candidate.

Firstly, it is critical to understand the importance of writing an MBA essay. This allows the students to communicate and interact with their professional and personal objectives and goals and encourages them to opt for an MBA course. The members of the admission committee need to know previous experiences, aspirations and skills and will demonstrate how an MBA degree will aid the student in achieving their objectives of career growth.

Scoring well on GMAT is the very initial step towards the creation of a competitive essay for the admission process of an MBA degree. Gradually, the number of candidates opting for an MBA course get admission not only by the GMAT score. To get admission to your desired course, the student has to write an impressive and best letter. Writing an essay is a good way which helps in demonstrating the vulnerabilities, strengths and motivation and also explains every part of the essay that can raise questions in the minds of the admission committee.

Scoring low grades in the GMAT can be discussed in a good essay, yet scoring good marks will not make a bad application essay for an MBA degree.The student must start thinking and brainstorming by reflecting on the challenges, achievements and strengths. The student needs to take into consideration their personal, professional and academic experience that aided the student in some way or the other in shaping their identity and objectives and identifying the circumstances where the student discussed leadership, resilience, skills of problem-solving and teamwork. Reflecting on these aspects aids the students in demonstrating their basic characteristics to be explained in the essay.

As the students understand the thoughts that will be conveyed, it is important to develop an outline before writing the assignment essay. The outline will work as a roadmap which assists the students while creating the essay and makes sure that the written material is coherent and flows logically. The essay must include an introduction, a body and a conclusion at last of the essay. Every section discusses the particular features of the students professional and personal background, motivations and goals. The introduction in an application essay is the opportunity to grasp the reader’s attention while making their first and strong impression. The student needs to start with an enthralling point that fascinates the reader. The application essay can be a personal story or a statement that provokes an individual’s thoughts or questions. Then, a brief overview and the context of the background of the essay can be drafted. Body paragraphs will explain the points in detail, which are introduced in the introduction part of the essay.

Every part of the body paragraph focuses on writing a particular feature of the skills, background and experiences which help make the student a better candidate for the degree of an MBA. Relevant evidence and examples are used to support the claims made by the student. They can also discuss their academic achievements, leadership experience and work experience. Please elaborate on how these experiences have helped shape the student’s goal and thus explain why it is important to focus on MBA. Furthermore, it is also important to discuss why an MBA course and why this institution is the right choice to fulfil your dreams by explaining the programs features which appeal to the students regarding several particular courses, extracurricular activities and faculty. The students need to showcase to the admission committee members that they researched every part of the subject and also show them that the student is interested in taking admission and excited thinking about the things that the students will offer.

The conclusion of the essay part written in an MBA application essay summarizes the important points and thus leaves a good impression on the reader. The students must recapitulate their interest in the course and explain the reason why they student has a belief that he is a deserving applicant. Focusing on personal and professional growth will be achieved by acquiring the knowledge of the degree and by figuring out how it works with the long-term objectives of the essay. Complete the essay with a strong statement leaving a memorable and positive impression on the mind of the admission committee.

Tips For Writing An Outstanding MBA Application Essay

  • Answering the questions – Most of the students writing their application essays get carried away with the writing flow but need help answering the questions asked by the committee members. The ideal applicant brings about a real and honest story and answers the questions asked by the admission committee members. These prompts are much useful when a student attempts to write an essay. And this raises questions which are needed to be answered.
  • Be specific – Several candidates, while writing an essay for taking admissions to an MBA course, stay at a high level, which means that they draft an abstract inaccessible to admission committee members. One of the admission committee members may replace one candidate with the other when the essay written by the candidate is not providing enough meaning or not getting deep to have a better understanding. The candidate needs to explain every small point like what problem he faced, what is the solution to the problem, explain the problem in concrete, the reasons for the problem and also give some examples and anecdotes with details. Writing an essay like this will leave a great impression of the candidate on the members of the admission committee. To explain the anecdotes, the STAR template can be followed. These are described below –
  1. Situation – This explains the situation faced by the candidate; what were you doing; what was your age at that time; at which role were you working when you were in a professional role during the reminiscence, and for how much time the candidate was involved in it? If the candidate was volunteering, which organization was that? How long was the candidate volunteering there, and what was the reason behind working there as a volunteer? The candidate needs to provide all the relevant information. This makes the admission committee members understand the story of the candidate in a better way.
  2. Task – What was required to do, and what problem arose? What was the solution to the problem, what did the candidate do to resolve the issue, and what difficulties did you face while working in a professional role? While working as a volunteer in the organization, what problems did the candidate face, and what did he do to overcome those problems? A good story comes with many things, so while setting up a story, the candidate needs to explain every bit of the story, whether it was any conflict or tension and how it stopped. What solutions were taken to resolve the conflict? One more thing to remember is that the candidate needs to be specific.
  3. Action – This explains the action or steps taken by the candidate to find a solution to overcome the problem. What exactly did you do to rectify the problem at work or in professional life, and how did the candidate clear the barrier when the candidate was volunteering? The candidates must also be specific while explaining the other side of the problem or conflict. The candidate must mention his leadership qualities when working there as a professional or a volunteer. Candidates must understand that the people taking admission interviews look for candidates who have better leadership qualities and thus can have a knowledge of the situation and take action accordingly.
  4. Result – Lastly, the candidate needs to explain the consequences of his actions. If the candidate faces any problem in his professional life or at work, is it still able to enhance the sales of the business? If this happens, what will be the percentage of increased sales? If the candidate was supporting inclusion and diversity at a local charity, what are the new programs implemented to work in that effort, and what was the enrollment in the novel programs established by the candidate? There is a need to explain everything in the essay in a specific and quantified way.
  • Getting vulnerable – Most admission essay prompts of an MBA course are drafted to understand more and more about yourself in fewer words. And, to write an essay in fewer words, the candidate needs to share his life’s real experiences, whether personal, vulnerable or intimate. There is no need to feel shy while discussing this. And, if the candidate starts writing with an emotional thought at the time of reflection, the drafting and writing process. Then it may be clear that the candidate is writing a good essay and is on the right track. Another rule to put a good piece of writing in front of the admission committee members is to share something or any honest incident. Admission committee members have to go through many applications of candidates from qualified candidates with similar positions, along with the recommendation letter from their supervisors. In that condition, it can be beneficial to write something honest, and this will attract the committee members.
  • Do not exaggerate – There is no need to over-inflate, exaggerate, or lie, as this makes them understand the concept and does not attract them. They mainly look for honest candidates. When a candidate lies about something to the committee members, they make sure that the particular candidate does not go with the further process. The candidate who lies or over-inflate while writing their essays, their offer letter gets revoked.


In summary, writing an essay application for admission to an MBA course needs a lot of careful planning, strong communication skills and thoughtful reflection. It is necessary to clearly explain the objective and the experiences and describe why the candidate is interested in pursuing an MBA degree. To stand in the crowd of so many candidates and their applications, one must explain his capabilities, background, accomplishments and skills, which relate to the objectives and values of the MBA course the candidate is opting for. Furthermore, it is significant to describe the candidate’s ability to contribute to the MBA course and demonstrate how an MBA program will help the candidate achieve his long-term goals. At last, revising the essay, editing and proofreading are done to ensure that the essay is error-free and presents the idea of the essay effectively. Candidates can get more chances to write essays that attract the minds of the admission committee and impress them by following the guidelines discussed above.

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