How to Write a Feature Article?

What Is an Article?

An article is a piece of writing that presents a considerable thought that the writer needs to pass on to the crowd. Article subjects might differ and may incorporate current or past occurrences from all through the world.

You can write for various distributions, including papers, magazines, and sites. The substance you distribute can affect perusers’ choices and drive them to act. Also, the writer expects to make content that draws to watchers’ advantage and interfaces with them such that different stories don’t.

How to Write an Article

  • Pick Your Topic

Pick a topic that draws your advantage adequately for you to dedicate essentially up to 14 days to it. Assuming your subject is too expansive, tight it down. Then, at that point, make a first draft that incorporates anything that rings a bell. Remain easygoing, don’t get too insightful, and have a great time sharing what you know. You’ll have the construction of an article that no one but you could write when you’re done. From that point onward, set it aside for some time.

  • Address the Needs of Your Audience

Get back to your draft now. View yourself as the peruser of this article. Pick three descriptive words that best describe the interest group (e.g., experts, single men). What questions could you like to have replied to as a peruser? Regardless of whether you know the responses yet, write the inquiries notwithstanding; the arrangements will come in the following stage.

  • Research

The examination will give your article believability. Quotes from notable individuals are great realities to remember for your how-to. Definitions, accounts (short, illustrative stories about yourself or another person), models from well-known books regarding the matter, references to different media (film, TV, radio), and valuable assets, tools, or things that can be utilized in writing a component article.

Put all you’ve gathered in an envelope, an electronic archive, a journal, or anything you like. Make sure to monitor your sources on the off chance that an editor requests that you affirm them later. You could wish to investigate your exploration at an unexpected time compared to when you were gathering it.

What Is a Feature Article?

Include articles are extensive works of writing that investigate various topics, perspectives, encounters, and thoughts. An “include article” is now and then depicted as an intelligent, obstinate exposition composed by outsiders rather than the site or magazine’s proprietors. The highlighted articles help perusers interface with the account and the article’s significant parts by giving a point by point depiction of a spot, thought, idea, individual, or association.

The target of a component article fluctuates, relying upon the mode for which it is expected. Highlight articles that should interest the crowd that the article is planned for. For instance, assuming a magazine is focused on moderately aged ladies, the articles, promotions, and photos inside it will mirror their inclinations in the way of life, calling, cash, wellbeing, and connections.

The Different Types of Feature Articles

There are four fundamental kinds of component articles, and your subject should squeeze into one of them.


An educational component article can show individuals how to do or create something. It very well may be something as straightforward as writing a blog article concerning how to make your blog effective or, in any event, sending off an independent writing business. The thought is for the peruser to find a novel, new thing. Individuals will excitedly propose others and begin moves when they find new things, which will drive regard for the component content.

Master Advice

Since both pass information on to shoppers, master guidance and educational articles are comparative. Master guidance articles, then again, would embrace a more loosened up writing style rather than an enlightening tone. That is because it’s, to a greater extent, an idea rather than a mandate. Individuals appreciate perusing articles like this (5 hints on exposition writing), particularly assuming they realize it comes from industry proficiency.


You’re continually besieged with new stories when you visit your beloved news sites. Top to bottom subtleties, for example, the foundation and history of individuals impacted by the occasion, are often searched out in news stories. They could likewise discuss the occasion’s potential outcomes. In a more limited transformed pyramid article that centres incredibly around the main components, news stories will stress essential subtleties that could somehow or another be disregarded.


Writing a profile includes an article that involves enlightening a story concerning a person or thing. It very well may be a celebrity or a notable organization in the public eye. Anything that individual or organization you write about should be notable enough for individuals to need to peruse and share it. Individuals are bound to peruse and spread material that is new or new to them.

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How to Write a Feature Article?

  1. Pick a topic for your article
    If you’re writing an article for your site, have a brainstorming meeting to find what topics would excite likely clients’ advantage. However, it’s ideal on the off chance that you recognize your article’s topic straight away so you can begin writing and decide whether it’s the correct way for you.
  2. Track down your interest group
    To distinguish the leading interest group you’re attempting to draw in, you should think about the point of view of the peruser. Think about leading a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) study to figure out which crowds are the most appropriate to the topic of the article you’re writing.
  3. Search for realities that help your article
    To write a convincing story that enamours a peruser, you should have current realities. You’ll require a focal spot to keep your data so you can put every one of the bits of your story together in one spot. It will be more straightforward to take notes on your PC or cell phone utilizing a word handling report.
  4. The presentation
    In the presentation section, you could keep on causing the peruser to notice the story. The peruser ought to be told why this story is fundamental and worth their time in the opening. Before a peruser flips the page or snaps away, this is your last opportunity to draw in them.
  5. The Body
    For the basic game plan, the body of the component article ought to be partitioned into segments with various headings. This part gives most of the story’s subtleties. It contains individual, occasion, or association data, like names, areas, dates, and statements.
  6. The end
    The decision ought to forever affect the peruser and incite a reaction. It should constrain the peruser to make a move or power the peruser to decide. A feeling of conclusion ought to be there in the end section.
  7. The last advance is to peruse and amend
    Peruse a draft of your piece out loud to be steady. companion. Then, at that point, ask him inquiries, for example, Does he currently see how the cycle functions? Are there any means that have been skipped? Utilizing your best judgment, figure out what changes, if any, should be made considering your companion’s thoughts.

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How to Write a Newspaper Article?

  • Begin with a strong driving sentence. Your lead should be one expression long and depict the article’s topic momentarily yet totally. Enlighten your perusers about your news story, why it’s fundamental, and what will be in the remainder of the article.
  • The subsequent stage in making news stories incorporates all the essential data and information that connect with your lead statement. Incorporate the basics of what occurred, when it occurred, who was involved, and why it’s newsworthy. These components are pivotal since the article’s point of convergence ultimately illuminates the peruser.
  • Incorporate any extra data that can assist the peruser with learning more after you’ve recorded every one of the vital realities in your news piece, for example, contact data, more realities about the issue or people included, or citations from interviews. This additional data fills in the holes in the article and can assist you with changing to new topics as you go.
  • Give your paper article a decent end sentence to guarantee that it is finished and wrapped up. This is often a rehash of the main statement or flagging conceivable future advancements connected with the article’s topic.

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