How consumer do their product research

There are different types of products that are being sold in the market, while buying different types of product the customer research about it in different ways. The price of the product is very important factor in this, for daily or staple products customers don’t do much research, instead they buy it directly, however, the products that involve high cost and risk, customers ensure doing a proper research and analysis before taking the final decision. The objective of this article is to help the marketers in understanding the research method used by mist of the customers. This article will include a list of ways, which customer’s uses to find about a product or service.

The first and foremost source of information is the internet, which is being widely used by the customers to know and search about the product. This includes the competitors’ analysis, the blogs and the social media sites which help in conducting an open discussion and collect information about the product. However, if customers are buying any product through retail shops then they are going to search the product through the retailer only. For retailers it is very crucial to make appropriate product displays and product packaging should also be done in such a way that it helps the customers in getting all the information.

Further, if customers are searching about the product though web then it is very crucial that the web information is in alignment with all the information available on the store. However, in very expensive and sensitive products and service such as education medical customers tries to gets information from people they trust. In this type of services, experience and word of mouth works the best. Word of mouth is a great method of creating brand awareness in the market. It also helps in gaining customer trust because in this method one customer vouches for the product or service to another.

According to research undertaken among all customers researched, ninety percent of the customers uses web or search engine to search information about the product, 48 percent of the customers uses yellow pages to and 42 percent do comparison analysis before taking final decision. The above analysis shows that the major ways that customer adopts to research about a product includes web search, customer interaction, retail search. However, a major point to remember is that the method of research will highly differ with the type of product, its need in customer life, the price and its market availability.

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