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The types of essays depends what the writer of the essays wants to convey to their readers. There can be four broad types of essays.

The Main four types of Essays are as follows:

Narrative Essays: This type of essays consists of stories or incidents where the writer wants to elaborate and describe a special event. Usually these types of essays are written in first person and feel of this essay is like the reader can connect themselves in the situation and feel they to be a part of it. The writing style of this type of essays is like involving the reader to be a part of the story.

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Expository Essay: These types of essays include a lot of researched information about any topic. To write such type of essay the writer should have real and extensive knowledge about the subject. The writer’s emotion or feel does not pay much role in this type of essays. This type of essays are fact based, statistical and research based. There are various sub types of essays under this like, contrast essays, cause and effect essays etc

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Descriptive Essays: this type of essay the writer draws a pen picture about the situation. The writer writes about a scene where its not only important for the reader to picturise the whole thing, but the description should be such that the reader can even smell and see things that the writer wants to portray. If a descriptive essay is done well then the reader should feel the emotion the writer wants to convey.


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Persuasive Essay: Persuasive essays are written in such a way so that you can convince the readers to be on the same side of the argument. A persuasive essay is not just a presentation of fact but also an attempt to make the reader agree to the point of view of the author by giving many argument in favor or against any particular topic.

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