E-learning is a mode of education where students learn things online. With the pandemic’s emergence, it is convenient for students to learn through online platforms as it is more exciting and engaging. Different e-learning platforms permit students to learn courses free of cost at the convenience of their homes. E-learning has completely changed the face of modern education over the most recent couple of years. Students are profiting from the benefits of online education in the solace of their homes.

These e-learning platforms include pictures, videos, sound, articles, and many more fun things to learn. To make things easier for you, here we have provided a rundown of a few effective e-learning platforms that have benefited students with their education for a long time. The most valuable part about these applications is that they offer their services for free.

E-learning has emerged as a new stage for students opening opportunities outside the customary universe of the study hall. This sort of learning removes the gap between students and geographical borders, wherewith the help of online learning devices, they benefit from an education free of cost. Accordingly, a student must find the best e-learning stage that serves his objectives and increases education benefits. Take a gander at this blog further to find out about them.


Coursera was created in 2012 as a massive open online course provider for students. This application includes a wide range of subject points covering different viewpoints in a single searchable database. Here, students get to learn from more than 3000 online courses from the world’s best universities. It has emerged as a solid instrument for free learning, covering many courses to choose from.


Based out in the United States, Edx is a non-benefit association founded in 2012 by MIT and Harvard graduates. This application is free to use and has helped many learners at this point. It has expanded the concept of the study hall through its potential e-learning scope. It provides excellent courses to students from the world’s prestigious colleges and universities.



It is one of the most famous e-learning resources among students, known for its captivating informative content. This application includes interactive movies, music, TV series and user-generated content. The content available here is accessible, fun and includes engaging material. It covers a variety of learning points with an easy route office. It additionally comes with the feature of parental control. It is available for both android and IOS users.


This application is well-known for teachers working in the field. LinkedIn took up this application in 2015, which is why its courses are currently essential for LinkedIn Learning. Presently it has been acquired by Microsoft, for which it publishes new content every week covering more than 10,000 expert-led courses.


Udemy organizes different preparation programs through its modules and lessons, including written notes, assignments, and videos. Its free courses are like Coursera, yet users could likewise create custom courses based on their learning. Experts here teach more than 155,000 online courses, with 40 million students learning new abilities every year. You might get a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the services.


This application helps users acquire those abilities that can be applied in a task, which is the reason we can say that it, for the most part, focuses on work relevant abilities. Subsequently, it offers courses for students who need to learn abilities that can be used in the workplace. With more than 19 million users, it offers 2500 free courses online. It additionally provides certification in different academic fields.

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Microsoft Virtual Academy

It comes with many learning ways and certifications for students that cover many Microsoft items and services. You need to pass one or two examinations to get the certification. Learning here includes numerous modules that are relevant to your course. It offers free self-paced courses and tests for students, so keep this at the top of the priority list to benefit from free online preparation.

Thus, these were helpful e-learning platforms for students to help them with their online education. Aside from this, if you ever need help regarding your assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment help services.