Different ways of promoting a product or service

Different ways of promoting a product/service
There are different ways any organization can promote their products or services in the market. This article will focus on those ways and provide a brief explanation on different tools. The major tools that can be used by marketer to promote their services or products are as follows

• Television advertisement; this is the most widely used method of promoting any business. However, this is a very costly method of advertising. It is suggested to market that target mass market and have high budgets for advertisements. For example, big mnc prefer to adopt this method of advertisement.
• Print advertisement; print advertisement have many sub sections as it can be newspapers, magazines or brochures etc to the customers. This type of advertisement is suitable for the organization that targets niche market segment. For example, if any car company aims to advertise or promote any car then they can advertise in any car or sport magazine.
• Radio advertising; this type of advertisement or promotional tool is effective for targeting a group of people based on location or of same taste. Different types of radio channels and slots should be selected correctly to tap the correct market segment.
• Word of mouth; This is the most effective way of advertising any service o product, in this type of advertising customer vouch for the product and it helps in creating positive brand image in the market. It is a cost effective way of advertising in the market.
• In store advertisements: this type of advertisement is very effective for retailers and products. In this type of promotion the products are being displayed in the stores. This is a type of promotion at retailers location in malls and other places, this type of promotion also take place with bundle offers to attract customers.
• Bill board advertisement; this is a hoarding advertisement that are being displayed in the public places. This type of advertisements is done at the crowded places to attract target audience attention. Now a day’s mobile banner advertisements are also very common in the market, they are cheaper than hoardings but they cover more locations and cover higher target audience.
• Endorsement; endorsement is a method of promoting any product or services through any program event. It helps in getting high media and target segment attention. This method of promotion is famous for services and events.
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