Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates in the Tech Industry

As an individual student who is still struggling in the early phase of their career to make decisions which will help in achieving long-term success and choosing an appropriate industry and the right role, which will continue to have high demand in this highly emerging technological world, whenever an individual thinks about his future-oriented career goals, the very first thing that comes into his mind is technology which is one of the fastest-growing industries in this rapidly evolving globe. As coding and various other technical skills are in high demand at large technological organisations, an individual with an MBA degree must make wise decisions to succeed in their future career goals at big technological companies and mainly concentrate on developing skills mostly associated with managing others. As technical skills keep changing as evolving needs are replaced by novel technological advancements, leadership skills and human-centred communication continue to stand in the testing time and will aid by securing the highest duties and responsibilities.

The best way an individual can acquire these skills and develop and enhance their credibility in their profession is by pursuing knowledge in Master in Business Administration (MBA). According to a survey report, most technological organisations respond that they believe that graduates from business schools have confidence in themselves and they also can succeed in their respective organisations. The top reasons for hiring graduates from business schools and have confidence in their versatile set of skills, their ability to think strategically and their ability to communicate effectively. Technological organisations mainly require highly valued leaders who acquire excellent technical skills, have skills to communicate effectively in decision-making, and have strong strategic and interpersonal skills. These organisations also hire students who better understand the significance of inclusion, work diversity, and sustainability. All these are important to drive innovation and growth of the organisation. Large technological organisations mainly require candidates who can learn, have leadership and motivation skills, are innovative and think strategically, and have interpersonal skills and processes of decision-making. These are the top priorities of technological firms while hiring a candidate. And these skills can be achieved by the students who are pursuing or have pursued MBA currently or in the past. Most technological organisations have seen a significant rise in the demand for the services and products offered by the company, and this drives the recruiters of the technological firms to indicate to the survey that says the headcounts in the organisations must be increased in the future. Further, the survey revealed that most recruiters hire individuals with an MBA degree, and this number has significantly increased. This is so because all the growth signals show major opportunities for those with MBA degrees.

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After the survey, it was found that the most important skills for a candidate to get hired by big technological firms are strategic and innovative thinking, motivation and leadership, interpersonal skills and the process of making decisions effectively. One of the recruiters from a big technological firm hired 20% more MBA graduates globally than the previous year. The organisation also changed its business approach and hired candidates from every field of the MBA program instead of hiring candidates from a particular field. The requirement for important skills among large technological companies becomes obvious only by looking at the needs of the advertisement of real jobs. Another company entails that it requires a candidate to acquire the ability to solve problems within an organisation, strong critical and strategic thinking ability and the capability to influence the organisation’s leaders and align the stakeholders’ results in multi-stakeholder and collaborative working environments. Furthermore, the candidates must be able to drive data analysis, lead decisions based on strategic resources, improve existing processes and own the implementation of critical workflows of the business across various regions and organisation teams. Sometimes, candidates can be forgiven when they do not describe the job position along with an overview of the required set of skills that needs to be developed under an MBA program. The ability to solve problems and critical thinking are the main skills required for students pursuing MBA in every field, and there are also different core programs designed to aid the leaders in managing their teams in various other regions.

Most of the big technological companies are growing more and more dominant and thus attract more candidates from business schools. This increases the need for candidates who are professional in their work and have managerial expertise in acquiring technological skills. Additionally, by looking at the current scenario of hiring candidates, business schools have added courses for artificial intelligence and data analytics to aid the alums in blending with more technically-minded and skilled colleagues. Moreover, the survey also revealed that popular jobs recruiters mainly plan to hire graduates with MBA degrees, and the top functions which they want in their organisation are –

  • Sales / Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Customer/client relationships
  • Project management
  • Product management
  • Business Intelligence
  • General management
  • Innovation / Strategy
  • Logistics/Operations


As the technological industry continues to rapidly evolve and grow its importance in this rapidly emerging economy, recruiters from technological organisations are giving more importance to hiring graduates with the ability to make better decisions and interpersonal and strategic skills. These skills are required for the growth and expansion of the organisation in an effective manner, and this also drives innovative and strategic thinking across various departments of the organisation. These are the most important skills to be achieved by MBA graduates in business education, and investing your valuable time in acquiring these life-changing skills can help set up a long and successful career in the technological sector.

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