Best UK Universities For Business, Management & Marketing

Significance of Business Management Course in the UK

The recognition of Business and Management Courses in the UK and worldwide arises from the urgent need for the adept management professionals that employers need globally. The business management programmes offered by the universities aim to give students a fundamental understanding of suitable management strategies and organisational functionality (Jena, 2020). The areas of functionality comprise human resources, finance, marketing, strategic planning and operations management. In the UK, marketing degree courses are mostly recognised by the top professional bodies, which comprise the Chartered Marketing Institute and Chartered Certified Accountants. They mostly focus on the fundamentals related to customer services, marketing management, and the incorporation and strategy of various programs.

  • Lancaster University

At Lancaster University, the Department of Marketing serves as one of the leading centres that offer courses in Marketing. The master’s programme in Marketing continues for two distinctive years. Each of the two years combines theory and practice in a resilient way that will help to gain an in-depth knowledge of marketing and the skills required to start a bright and successful future (Abad-Segura et al. 2020). A few reasons Lancaster is regarded as the best university are that it ranks in the 35th position worldwide and is regarded as the Top Master’s Marketing in 2023. The university offers a potent blend of the practice and theory required to succeed. In addition, it collaborates with industry players, which helps link management studies to business realities.

  • University of Oxford

The business management programmes offered by Oxford are built on the legacy as it provides a strong foundation related to the core business principles while improving a wider mindset and comprehending the function of business in society (Jena, 2020). The business management programmes offered by the university expose the students to an internationally connected global network, a wide range of career opportunities, and a group of diverse students and thought leaders. In addition, the university seeks leaders with multiple expertise and perspectives who are eager to interchange concepts and ideas. The university professionals vary from tech, consulting, and finance to healthcare (Sukumar et al. 2020). There are various reasons for choosing Oxford University. This is because it offers a diversity of accredited courses, which students from all over the world can avail. Students who are pursuing the distant mode of learning can complete their course in a short period. The online courses offered by the university on business management and marketing are supported by tutors who can be contacted by the students 24/7.

  • University of Warwick

One of the world’s leading universities is the University of Warwick,, which occupies the the top 10 universities in the UK. The students of the University of Warwick benefit from top-notch quality teaching, which is centred around innovative research, business management and marketing (Doern et al. 2019). It helps in the promotion of unbounded learning and agile thinking that aids and encourages students to opt for modules that lie outside the main department. With the excellent quality business management and marketing courses offered, the university helps to develop employability.

  • University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is counted among the world’s top 100 universities and has an international community of over 280000 students. After completing business management and marketing courses, 95.9 per cent of students get employed.

  • University of St Andrews

It is regarded as one of the most extraordinary universities in the UK and provides students with the best learning opportunity. The university’s business management and marketing courses benefit the students in various ways.

  • University of Bath

The University of Bath has gained prominence in research and training, and it welcomes all the students who want to pursue their degrees in business management and marketing. Moreover, it is the safest campus in the UK to provide a wide variety of courses on management to international students. The graduate and the post-graduate pursuing business management have shown an excellent record of success (Beynon-Davies, 2019). The courses offered by the University of Bath cover topics such as business analytics, finance and managing people. After completing the course, students will develop a wider set of skills that will help them gain an advantageous position in the job market. In addition, the university has connections to about 30 organisations in the UK and worldwide.

  • London School of Economics

The London School of Economics, Business and Management courses provide a detailed portfolio of the business management course that the students mostly explore. The university has a renowned faculty to assist the students in their learning. The students are exposed to top-tier management with the help of the courses offered. In addition, they are also exposed to leadership practices (Abad-Segura, 2020). The practices mainly vary from marketing to effective decision-making practices. This is mainly done with the help of management and big data analytics. In addition, the courses offered by the university cater to the benefits of students from all backgrounds. This helps the students in gaining a competitive advantage so that they can have a bright career ahead.

  • University of Exeter

The business management degree offered by the University of Exeter covers all business operations fundamentals, including accounting, management law, business practices, marketing and human resources (Abad-Segura, 2020). The university offered by the university adopted an international approach to business that helps develop an understanding of the organisation’s purpose and work related to the international business environment.

  • Durham University

At Durham University, the curriculum is integrated with knowledge of businesses’ modern and complex practices. Students can learn from the guest speakers and develop their knowledge about various kinds of business-related topics, such as a business plan required to start a new business (Sukumar et al. 2020). In addition, the curriculum offered by the university introduces the students to a wide variety of areas of business management. In the following years, students pursuing courses at this university can master and develop their human resource management, people management, marketing, leadership and strategy skills.

  • UCL (University College London)

One of the top universities in London is the UCL or the University of London. The university offers executive, graduate and undergraduate programs in management, information related to business management, business analytics, entrepreneurship and management science. The programmes offered by the university incorporate industrial experiences and learning activities that will help develop commercial competencies and management skills of the international organisation (Doern et al. 2019). In addition, the university also fosters a high-degree creativity and leadership roles among the students. The management courses offered by the university are BSc degrees in information management in business. This is offered with a unique balance of management, leadership skill and IT, and this is done in collaboration with giant employers in the UK. This comprises Unilever, Apple, and Mircosoft, to name a few. Another course that the university offers is the MSc and BSc in management science. The students who pursue this course are equipped with resilient analytical and quantitative skills that help them make management decisions (Doern et al. 2019). Those students who aspire to be data scientists can pursue MSc in business analytics from this university.
Furthermore, the university offers an MSc degree in entrepreneurship, enabling students to develop their skills to build their ventures. The management programme offered by UCL offers two pathways that cater to the needs of students to ensure that they can get most of the advantages from the studies that they pursue. The two pathways are the corporate pathway and the finance pathway. The Corporate pathway is mainly designed for students who might or might have yet studied business management in detail. On the contrary, the finance pathway is designed for candidates that have undergone an undergraduate degree in business management and have also studied finance and accounting.

Benefits of Studying Business Management Course in the UK

A business management degree is popular among aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs. It offers the academic knowledge and degree required to pursue the career opportunities, which assists the aspirants in developing a broader comprehension of businesses and certain areas such as human resources and finance (Doern et al. 2019).

One of the major benefits of studying business management is that it helps develop management skills that enable an employee to be regarded as a valuable asset in the organisation. It helps in the creation of skill sets that helps in responding to the challenges in the organisation. It helps increase employability and provides them with job opportunities in consultancy, management, marketing and advertising, human resources, finance, retail and sales. Furthermore, it helps learn new disciplines such as entrepreneurship, service operations, human resource management, and supply chain management (Abad-Segura et al. 2020). To kickstart a business career, students prefer to pursue their degree in business management from esteemed institutions in the UK. Selecting to pursue a business management degree from the UK is recognised by employers worldwide.


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  1. State the importance of business management courses in the UK.
    Studying business management helps enrich students with academic knowledge that helps them pursue a global career and enables them to develop a deeper understanding of certain business-related areas, such as finance and human resource management.
  2. Why is the University of Warwick preferred by students for pursuing business management?
    The university offers top-notch teaching faculty from whom the students benefit. Quality teaching is provided to the students, comprising research and business management topics. Moreover, the university also focuses on the employability of the students.
  3. Mention one reason why Durham University ranks best among the top universities in the UK for providing a degree in business management.
    Durham University in the UK is considered one of the best universities for providing a business management degree because students can develop and enrich their knowledge from the teaching imparted by guest lecturers connecting the topics related to business management. Also, they can get an idea about how to start a new business.
  4. State the importance of the London School of Economics in offering business management degrees.
    The courses offered by the London School of Economics faculty to the students help them get exposed to the top tier management. Furthermore, they are also given training in leadership practices, which mainly vary from marketing to decision-making practices that are regarded as effective.
  5. Why students prefer pursuing business management courses in the UK.
    The universities in the UK are mostly preferred by students when it comes to pursuing a degree in business management courses. Students who pursue their degrees from the esteemed universities of the UK get the chance to be hired by the best employers who offer them lucrative salary packages.

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