Advantages or Disadvantages of writing reflective journal

The reflective journal is employed as a tool for learning and a significant analysis of any material. It helps to document the thought which can be positive or negative and assist you in self-development. It doesn’t have any specific sort of writing that you simply need to followsimply follow many aspects to urge higher output.

These square measure as follows:

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  • · note a happening or a moment and be descriptive regarding it
  • · Analyze the event and raise yourself why it happened
  • · Compare the explanations for the event along with your information and skill
  • · Write your thoughts and integrate it with the explanations derived
  • · Share the problem and take down the responses given by your friends and family.

It will assist you to grasp true higher and can provide an answer to the matter. This so can assist you to learn new experiences and increase your analytical skills.

Advantages of writing reflective journal square measure as follows:

  • · it’ll assist you to stretch your thinking and you will solve your downside by yourself
  • · this can assist you to enhance your talent of writing that you simply might not expertise beforehand
  • · It provides you with a stage wherever you’ll be able to place down your opinion, thoughts and learn along
  • · The self-reflection can assist you to remark the questioning perspective towards varied issues and problems

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Disadvantages of writing reflective journal square measure as follows:

  • · it’s long as a result of you’ve got to jot down completely different|a special|a unique|a distinct} perspective by victimization different ideas for various problems.
  • · you’ll or might not be honestly revealing your perspective.
  • · got to be a transparent plan of true and perspective before writing the journal
  • · Lack of expertise could affect your reflection on true.

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So, reflective journal writing not solely adds a plus to your writing talent, self-reflection, and private development however conjointly helps you to retain the expertise in sort of written documents that you’ll like within the future for more related to work on new concepts