A Guide to Writing a Great Dissertation Literature Review

Your dissertation’s literature review is more than just a chapter. It’s one of the most important parts of your research. It is regarded as the foundation of your research because it evaluates relevant theoretical frameworks, research papers, principles, and other assumptions. Scholars can focus their investigation on the analysed body of literature. It can also help you take a solid approach.

Focus on presenting a concise literature review. Writing a literature review, on the other hand, can be difficult. You want to widely peruse the examination papers and direct the investigation based on the socio-world of politics, which is steadily evolving. You should try completing the task on your own before turning to online resources for expert dissertation help.

A clear and comprehensive guide to writing the ideal literature review can be found here.

What is a literature review?

Before delving into its intricacies, we should be aware of what a literature review is. A literature review is nothing more than the collection of surveys, critical analysis, and evaluation of existing research in a particular field.

Arlene Fink, a renowned academic, says that literature reviews are a way to provide a concise overview of multiple research sources. Besides, it can show how specific examination comprehensively squeezes into the bigger concentration field.

Why is a well-written literature review essential?

A literature review is a summary of some significant sources. Summarisation and synthesis are both included in literature reviews, especially in the social sciences. Since synthesis involves reorganising data, it can be more difficult. It is important to document a well-researched and critically analysed literature review because it gives researchers a chance to rethink an old piece of research. Additionally, it is essential because it enables researchers to evaluate literature gaps. Additionally, scholars have the opportunity to resolve any apparent contradictions in research studies. Literature reviews also allow you to identify the various research areas to avoid duplication issues.

The various literature reviews need to be understood before you can analyse the literature and write a literature review. You can choose the method based on your requirements and research area.

  • Argumentative Examination: This literature review is done to prove or disprove a specific line of reasoning, assumption, or philosophy. The creation of a study based on opposing viewpoints is the primary objective of this type of literature. Even though argumentative literature reviews have the potential to initiate a legitimate discussion, they also have the potential to introduce additional biases that cannot be ignored.
  • Review in its entirety: Criticism is integrated within the scope of an integrative literature review, resulting in the formulation of a few identical hypotheses. Because it introduces clarity and rigour, it is the literature review best suited for academic research.
  • Historical Analysis: It is a literature review in which various issues, concepts, and phenomena are examined over time. It shows experience with different areas of improvement and gives a particular course to additional exploration.

How to write a well-researched critical literature review

There are five steps to writing the best critical literature review.

• Step 1:Investigate Relevant Literature

After understanding the research objectives, you must look for the most accurate research papers. Make a list of the keywords based on the research question as your first step. When searching, it’s important to consider the key ideas and other variables. Next, legitimate websites like Google Scholar, JSTOR, and EBSCO for general subjects should be included in the relevant sources that should be utilised in the search for pertinent studies. These websites provide access to an abundance of research papers. Boolean operators can be used to narrow the search results.

• Step 2:Evaluation of Selected Sources

You must choose a few from the many research papers you have longlisted. The submission should address the following questions for it to be included on the shortlist: Are the major ideas discussed in the publication relevant to the research topic?

– Are the primary approaches and models being utilised connected to the research topic?

– Does the research paper contain results and conclusions related to the analysed research questions?

If the papers answer these questions, they should be considered useful sources.

Step 3:After that, you need to find the important trends, patterns, themes, conflicts, and contradictions in the study and any gaps.

Step 4:The structure of the literature review should be outlined in the subsequent step. In this step, you must choose whether to take an argumentative, integrative, or historical approach. You should choose the type of literature review based on the research topic and the scope of the study.

Step 5:Lastly, How to Write a Literature Review The format recommended for writing a literature review can be found here.

Introduction: It’s important to focus on the research topic.

Body: Following this, in the body, outline, examination, and basic assessment of various exploration papers will be led. It should be written in well-organised paragraphs. When writing a literature review, it is recommended that you not mince words.

Conclusion: You must include a well-written conclusion when writing the literature review. In this step, you should sum up the various places of examination of various papers and adjust something similar to your exploration subject.

These actions must be taken to record a properly researched literature review.

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