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Functions of the Financial Markets

A  Financial markets  can be defined as a market where buyers and sellers engage in trading of financial assets comprising of equities, bonds, currencies, derivatives and commodities at a low transaction cost and prices settled by demand supply equilibrium. Financial markets … Continue reading

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Financial Management for Nonprofits Organizations

The financial health of the organization is very crucial investigation undertaken by the investors; it is highly dependent on the financial management strategy of the company. Non profit organizations have different sets of policies, laws and obligations that they need … Continue reading

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Importance of Employee Recognition

For successful and profitable operation of any business, it is crucial that the organization values its most important resources- that is human resources. Employees are the stakeholders, which actually work towards achievement of the organizations goals and represent the organization … Continue reading

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Employee Relations – Importance and Benefits

Organization success depends critically on the important stakeholders of the organization, the most important amongst them being the employees. Maintaining a healthy employee relations is a key for the organizational success. Employee relations have a number of direct and indirect … Continue reading

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