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Our organisation, Academic Assignments, has been aiding students in writing their thesis, assignments, research papers and dissertation for a long time. When comparing the alternatives accessible to you against the ones that used to be accessible previously, it is sometimes simple to understand how amazing a company like this is. The internet connects you not just with an individual who may compose your writing but also with someone who is an expert and understands how to do it well. You must pay to complete your assignments, and we ensure you receive an outstanding quality assignment. Our organisation comprises PhD and Master’s degree professionals in any topic you can think of. Several most prominent subjects used by students and who are organisation has worked are –


Outsourcing is defined as renting out an assignment to a third party. It is mostly between organisations that subcontract their clients’ work to another organisation to take advantage and minimise time consumption. It is a deliberate strategy that employs thousands of people worldwide and assists organisations in reaping the rewards. Today’s innovations and technological advances have practically destroyed time zones, prompting nearly all media, organisations, corporate houses, and institutions to seek talented individuals worldwide. Outsourcing has grown in popularity in the past few years for many factors. Among the most significant problems are shortages of employees in numerous industries. Earnings have risen in the past few years, although economic expansion remains flat. Businesses have found it challenging to sustain their profit margins as a result. It is also an approach to save costs.

Consequently, businesses that outsource their job can save significant money. Skills shortages have exacerbated this tendency as companies seek to acquire people and experience that might not be accessible. The recent financial crisis has increased this tendency, as firms are compelled to shrink and save expenses. Consequently, they need help investing in development and training, making it even more difficult to locate the required talented people.

Challenges Faced by Students in Writing Assignments

Modern graduate students’ life is full of minimal and pleasant events. Nonetheless, these events train children to face the issues that confront them in the future. Several challenges are also faced by the students while writing their assignments. These are –

The Need for Assignment Help 

Some students need the help of professionals to score better grades on their academic papers and assignments. There are some reasons which discuss the need for assignment help. These are discussed as follows:

Importance of Quality Assignments in Academic Success

Writing good-quality assignments to secure academic success is important for many reasons. One reason is low academic grades due to poor quality writing of assignments. To get good grades, students need help from professionals in writing an assignment of better quality. Another reason is a need for more theoretical knowledge. As students need to gain knowledge about their subject matter, they cannot draft an assignment of good quality. Thus, they require help from assignment assistants with better knowledge in their domains and get an assignment of improved quality. One more reason is that the students do not compose their writing in better quality because of their urgent activities. Hence, the services provided by these assignment assistants make students’ lives much easier and aid in securing good marks. As discussed above, students have loads of work to finish; thus, they need more time to write their assignments. But as completing assignments is part of an academic course, they must submit them to get good grades. Universities often provide a deadline to submit the assignments. But the students engaged in personal or other activities, such as campus or university activities, need more time to complete their assignments. Therefore, they require help from professionals in Academic Assignments.

Our Organisation 

Our organisation, Academic Assignments, is a global leader in writing assignments. Our organisation have excelled in every field, whether it be an essay or report writing, dissertation, thesis, presentation or Excel and has provided our clients with good results and satisfaction. We hire experts from different fields of knowledge and expertise who are PhD or Master’s degree holders and work 6 days a week. As a team, we believe in a disciplined way of working and, thus, meeting the needs of our clients by providing them with good-quality products before the deadline. We also provide free services for revising and proofreading assignments and satisfying clients. Our organisation provides all types of writing services, such as report writing service, essay writing service, dissertation writing service, assignment writing service, case study analysis and making PowerPoint presentations. We have expertise in almost every field of writing, such as finance assignments, HRM assignments, law assignments, chemistry assignments, math assignments, economics assignments, statistics assignments, English assignments, Geography assignments, political assignments, engineering assignments, and medical assignments.

Our Teams 

We have a team of experts and professionals of more than 40 who can write at least 50,000 words per day. We also have a quality control team which ensures the quality of papers to meet our clients needs. This team checks the trueness of the assignment and the references used. Meanwhile, they ensure that the paper has any grammatical and spelling errors or other mistakes by proofreading it before delivering it to the clients. Our nationwide offices allow us to function nearly 24 hours daily. We recognise that various nations have distinct dynamics, and the piece of writing should be prepared with the specific circumstances of the country in mind that the client intends to target in the paper. This is why we have specialist authors for various locations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East (Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and so on). This enables us to understand a certain region better than anybody else in the global community.

Why choose us?

Our devoted writing team works Monday through Saturday, and our customer service is available 24/7 to assist our clients. We recognise that academic writing is a time-sensitive task; thus, we meet all deadlines as quickly as feasible. We have never received complaints about response or submission delays. This ensures that our client receives timely assignments and dissertation help. Writing a dissertation necessitates a suitable approach as well as experience. The thesis writing service is ongoing, and each component deserves special attention. We give the greatest thesis writing help by always being ready for adjustments and free reworks. The most important aspect of the study is a thorough research approach and literature review. It is acknowledged that the dissertation is written chapter by chapter and that adjustments may be required based on feedback. We are the greatest online dissertation writing business since we provide chapter-by-chapter submissions and always update the work. Our last-minute assignment aid service is called urgent assignment help. We can write essays and tasks in a matter of hours. The most typical problem that students confront while composing an urgent project is that a tight deadline necessitates extra time to gather accurate material and data. However, with adequate and relevant data, an assignment is complete. That is why our organisation has started offering urgent assignment writing services. We give reference materials as quickly as feasible. Academic Assignments produces 100% plagiarism-free writing in record time. We here deliver assignments on schedule without sacrificing quality. Our professionals use, the most accurate plagiarism-detecting program, to triple-check each document. We ensure the writing is unique to avoid disappointing our clients. Clients can choose from over 100 different subjects.

How It Works

You can contact us by visiting our website to avail of our services. You have to click on Contact; here, you will get our contact number as well as our email id, and then fill out the order form by providing your details such as your name, email id, mobile no, university, country, topic, number of pages or words, deadline and upload the required document and then click on submit by paying through payment gateway PayPal. Our team will immediately respond to your order. You can also communicate with us through WhatsApp by clicking on the icon of WhatsApp on the website and discussing the requirements you want in your assignment.

Pricing and Payment Options

We at Academic Assignments offer a cheap pricing system which is simple to understand. Our organisation offers prices per page with 2 points spacing and 12 fonts depending on the assignment’s deadline and level of education. When calculating the number of pages needed, a maximum of 250 words per page should be utilised. A general example paper necessitates fundamental conceptual and theoretical effort. Technical sample paper – a sample paper that involves extensive study or more time and effort, such as a company analysis or finance-related projects.

Several factors, including the extent of the case study and the level of complexity of the questions posed, case studies may be classified as technical or general sample papers. These are per-page pricing that may vary depending on the sample paper specifications. Prices and reductions vary depending on the circumstances.

For a PhD Level assignment, we offer GBP 16.00 for a general paper with an estimated delivery time of fewer than 24 hours; GBP 14.00 for a general paper with an estimated delivery time of 24 to 72 hours; GBP 13.00 for a general paper with the estimated delivery time of 72 hours to 7 days; GBP 12.00 for a general paper with the estimated delivery time of 7 days and above. While for a technical paper in a PhD program, we offer GBP 16.00 with an estimated delivery time of 24 to 72 hours, GBP 14.00 with an estimated delivery time of 72 hours to 7 days, and GBP 13.00 with an estimated delivery time of 7 days and above. And for a sample paper, we offer GBP 12.00 with an estimated delivery period of 24 to 72 hours.

For a Masters Level assignment, we offer GBP 15.00 for a general paper with an estimated delivery time of fewer than 24 hours; GBP 13.00 for a general paper with an estimated delivery time of 24 to 72 hours; GBP 12.00 for a general paper with an estimated delivery time of 72 hours to 7 days; GBP 11.00 for a general paper with the estimated delivery time of 7 days and above. While for a technical paper in a Master’s program, we offer GBP 15.00 with an estimated delivery time of 24 to 72 hours, GBP 13.00 with an estimated delivery time of 72 hours to 7 days, GBP 12.00 with an estimated delivery time of 7 days and above. And for a sample paper, we offer GBP 12.00 with an estimated delivery period of 24 to 72 hours.

For a College Level assignment, we offer GBP 14.00 for a general paper with an estimated delivery time of less than 24 hours; GBP 12.00 for a general paper with an estimated delivery time of 24 to 72 hours; GBP 11.00 for a general paper with an estimated delivery time of 72 hours to 7 days; GBP 10.00 for a general paper with the estimated delivery time of 7 days and above. While for a technical paper in a college program, we offer GBP 14.00 with an estimated delivery time of 24 to 72 hours, GBP 12.00 with an estimated delivery time of 72 hours to 7 days, and GBP 11.00 with an estimated delivery time of 7 days and above. And for a sample paper, we offer GBP 11.00 with an estimated delivery period of 24 to 72 hours.

For a high school level, we offer GBP 12.00 with estimated delivery of fewer than 24 hours for all types of assignments; GBP 10.00 with estimated delivery of 24 hours to 72 hours; GBP 9.00 with estimated delivery of 72 hours to 7 days and GBP 9.00 with estimated delivery of 7 days and above.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Academic Assignments has risen to the top and, even more significantly, has maintained its place at the top. We believe in continual development and progress since no one is perfect. Our zero tolerance for mistakes or ignorance allows us to preserve client satisfaction. Our objective has consistently been to give the highest level of client satisfaction. You can go through our website and in the review section and can check all the testimonials and the success stories of our organisation which details the positive feedback which involves feedback regarding professionalism, on-time delivery, reliability and appropriate and excellent results we get from our satisfied clients, who are happy with our service.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The confidentiality agreement of a client is a legally binding agreement between a corporation and its client in which parties promise not to release specific details without another party’s permission. The agreement will specify the information that will be protected as a secret. We guarantee the security of any information submitted by our clients. We respect and protect the privacy of your personal information, including your e-mail address and other personal information.

We have a fundamental responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the information given by our clients. We do not resell the academic papers we write for you to different clients in any way. The payment will be deemed final once received. As a result, no refund requests will be considered. If a credit card is overcharged by error, we will return the money the client gave. We will reimburse the client if we cannot complete the task due to unforeseen circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service useful in a variety of subjects?

Ans. Yes, our organisation assists in providing services like dissertations, assignments, and resume writing in numerous disciplines of your choosing.

Is your firm reliable in terms of delivery?

Ans. Only on rare occasions. However, we operate within the time frame specified by our clients. However, we can make it happen if the customer needs it immediately.

Do you offer a service that is free of plagiarism?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. Our organisation’s mission is to deliver excellent quality service to our consumers; hence we must supply our customers with plagiarism-free assignments. Furthermore, our company selects individuals with master’s and PhD degrees and extensive knowledge.

What needs to be done if the assignment must be modified?

Ans. Per our company’s philosophy, we prioritise customer happiness and revise and work on the paper until the customer is pleased.

Is your company committed to maintaining confidentiality?

Ans. Yes, we ensure all your details are kept private and confidential.

Do you charge more for cover pages and general content revision?

Ans. No, there is no additional expense for creating cover pages. It is completely free. We do not charge more for revising and proofreading, which our service includes.

Give reasons why you ought to choose Academic Assignments for thesis writing services.

Ans. These writers can give a thesis on any topic, no matter how challenging. Furthermore, Academic Assignments guarantees perfect value for money for its clientele.

What services do Academic Assignments offer for free?

Ans. Academic Assignments offers customers a free title page, bibliography, outline, and limitless changes till their expectations are satisfied.

What is included by the writing experts of the Academic Assignments while writing a thesis?

Ans. These are the title page, table of tables, figures, table of contents, abstract, introduction, methodology, findings discussions, conclusion, recommendation, references and appendices.

Is it safe to purchase your service?

Ans. Yes, since we work on the confidentiality policy, it is safe. In addition, our organisation accepts secure payments from its clients by MasterCard, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Visa.

What is the quickest service you can offer?

Ans. Writing anything is only for some. Anyone requires time to comprehend and gain knowledge about a subject. Our authors need at least 3 hours to complete writing on a short essay topic.

Do you offer reasonably priced services?

Ans. Our organisation provides reasonable pricing and discounts to its clients, making it more cost-effective. In terms of cost, every student can easily afford it.

Do you offer a one-of-a-kind service?

Ans. Because our company employs highly educated professionals, we can supply our clients with unique, plagiarism-free services.

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