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Assignment for All Subject


  • Accounting and ERP Assignments
  • Accounting for Business Combinations Assignments
  • Accounting for Business Decisions A Assignments
  • Accounting for Insolvency Assignments
  • Accounting for Managerial Decisions Assignments
  • Accounting for Overseas Transactions Assignments
  • Accounting for Public, Leisure and Community Organisations Assignments
  • Accounting for Small Business Assignments
  • Accounting Information for Managers Assignments
  • Accounting Information Systems Assignments
  • Accounting Information Systems Assignments
  • Accounting Research and Consulting Skills Assignments
  • Accounting Standards and Regulations Assignments
  • Accounting: Concepts and Applications Assignments
  • Advanced Corporate Finance Assignments
  • Advanced Financial Planning Assignments
  • Advanced Macroeconomics Assignments
  • Advanced Management and Organization Research Methods Assignments
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies Assignments
  • Advanced Organization and Management Theorizing Assignments
  • Advanced Research Methods for Leisure, Sport and Tourism Assignments
  • Advertising Research Assignments
  • Airlines and Transportation Management Assignments
  • Alternative Perspectives in Contemporary Economics Assignments
  • Analysis of Human Motion Assignments
  • Analysis of Motor Control Assignments
  • Analysis of the Olympic Games Assignments
  • Applied International Business Assignments
  • Applied Kinesiology Assignments
  • Applied Leadership and Strategy Assignments
  • Applied Micro econometrics Assignments
  • Applied Portfolio Management Assignments
  • Applied Portfolio Management Assignments
  • Applied Project in Marketing (Capstone) Assignments
  • Applied Project in Marketing Communication (Capstone) Assignments
  • Applied Regression Analysis Assignments
  • Applied Research Methods Assignments
  • Applied Sport Psychology Assignments
  • Applied Studies Assignments
  • Aquatic Services and Events Assignments
  • Arts and Cultural Industries Assignments
  • Arts and Cultural Policy Assignments
  • Arts and Entertainment Industries Assignments
  • Arts Organisations and Management Assignments
  • Asian-Australian Economics Relations Assignments
  • Assurance for e-Business Assignments
  • Assurance for Enterprise Systems Assignments
  • Assurance Services and Audit Assignments
  • Auditing and Assurance Services Assignments
  • Australian Corporate Environment Assignments
  • Australian Indigenous Social and Political Development Assignments
  • Australian Indigenous Studies Assignments
  • Australian Indigenous Studies Research Project Assignments


  • Behavioural Finance Assignments
  • Bond Portfolio Management Assignments
  • Business Communication Skills Assignments
  • Business Decisions and Models Assignments
  • Business Ethics and Sustainability Assignments
  • Business Excellence Assignments
  • Business Information Systems Assignments
  • Business Intelligence 1: Advanced Analysis Assignments
  • Business Intelligence 2: Advanced Planning Assignments
  • Business Marketing Analysis and Strategy Assignments
  • Business Process Integration with ERP Assignments
  • Business Project: International Marketing Assignments
  • Business Project: Marketing Assignments
  • Business Statistics Assignments
  • Business to Business e-Marketing Assignments
  • Business Valuation and Financial Analysis Assignments
  • Buyer Behaviour Assignments


  • Economic Growth and Development Assignments
  • Economic Policy Seminar Assignments
  • Economics and Finance of the Life Cycle Assignments
  • Economics for Business Assignments
  • Economics for Business 2 Assignments
  • Economics for Management Assignments
  • Economics of Auditing and Assurance Services Assignments
  • Economics of Money and Finance Assignments
  • Economics of the Environment Assignments
  • Economics of the Firm Assignments
  • Ecotourism Planning and Management Assignments
  • Ecotourism Planning and Management Assignments
  • Electronic Business and Marketing Assignments
  • e-Marketing and Management of Services Assignments
  • Energetic of Human Movement Assignments
  • English for Accounting Studies Assignments
  • English for Professional Purposes Assignments
  • Ethics in Finance Assignments
  • Event and Leisure Industries Assignments
  • Event Concepts and Contexts Assignments
  • Event Creation Workshop Assignments
  • Event Impacts and Legacies Assignments
  • Event Marketing Assignments
  • Event Risk Management Assignments
  • Event Sponsorship and Revenue Assignments
  • Exchange Subject Assignments
  • Exercise Management for Special Populations Assignments
  • Exercise Prescription Assignments
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Assignments


  • Financial Analysis and Business Valuations Assignments
  • Financial Decision Making Under Uncertainty Assignments
  • Financial Econometrics Assignments
  • Financial Econometrics Assignments
  • Financial Institution Lending Assignments
  • Financial Institution Management Assignments
  • Financial Management Assignments
  • Financial Markets Instruments Assignments
  • Financial Modelling and Forecasting Assignments
  • Financial Planning in Australia Assignments
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis Assignments
  • Financial Reporting, Capital Markets and Disclosure Assignments
  • Financial Risk Management Assignments
  • Financial Services and Products Assignments
  • Financial Statement Analysis (Capstone) Assignments
  • Financial Time Series Assignments
  • Functional Kinesiology Assignments
  • Fundamentals of Business Finance Assignments
  • Fundamentals of Derivative Security Pricing Assignments
  • Fundamentals of Mathematical Economics Assignments
  • Fundraising in International Markets Assignments
  • Funds Development Assignments


  • Global Business Strategies Assignments
  • Global Operations and Supply Chain Management Assignments
  • Global Strategic Management Assignments
  • Global Strategic Management Assignments
  • Governance and Sustainability Assignments
  • Government and Policy for Leisure, Sport and Tourism Assignments
  • Guiding and Interpretation Management Assignments


  • Health Promotion Assignments
  • Hotel Management Assignments
  • Human Performance in Sport and Exercise Assignments
  • Human Resource Management Assignments


  • Indigenous Community Organization Practicum Assignments
  • Indigenous Community Research Assignments
  • Industrial Relations Assignments
  • Industry Project 1 Assignments
  • Industry Project 2 Assignments
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Assignments
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Assignments
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Assignments
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Assignments
  • Integrated Risk Management Assignments
  • Integrating Business Perspectives Assignments
  • Interactive Communication and Customer Behavior Assignments
  • Interest Rate Modeling Assignments
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics Assignments
  • Intermediate Microeconomics Assignments
  • International Accounting Assignments
  • International Business Capstone Assignments
  • International Business Consulting Assignments
  • International Economics Assignments
  • International Exchange Assignments
  • International Financial Management Assignments
  • International Human Resources Management Assignments
  • International Management Field Study Assignments
  • International Marketing Analysis and Strategy Assignments
  • Introduction to Community Management Assignments
  • Introductory Econometrics Assignments
  • Introductory Health Economics Assignments
  • Investment Analysis Assignments
  • Investment Banking Assignments
  • Investment Management Assignments
  • Issues in Corporate Finance Assignments



  • Capital Markets Assignments
  • Capstone Project in Business Planning Assignments
  • Capstone Project: Financial Strategy and Leadership Assignments
  • Career and Portfolio Development Assignments
  • Career Development in Indigenous Community Management Assignments
  • Change Management Assignments
  • Channel Analysis and Management Assignments
  • Commercial Bank Management Assignments
  • Community Engagement Assignments
  • Community Sector Project 2 Assignments
  • Community Service Learning and Social Entrepreneurship Assignments
  • Computational Finance Assignments
  • Computational Methods and Model Implementation Assignments
  • Computer-based Accounting Assignments
  • Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting Research Assignments
  • Corporate Accounting Assignments
  • Corporate Finance Assignments
  • Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice Assignments
  • Corporate Financial Analysis Assignments
  • Corporate Financial Analysis (Capstone) Assignments
  • Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation Assignments
  • Corporate Governance and Strategic Direction Assignments
  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability Assignments
  • Corporate Reporting: Professional and Conceptual Issues Assignments
  • Corporate Treasury Management Assignments
  • Cost Management and Analysis Assignments
  • Cost Management Systems Assignments
  • Creating Event Experiences Assignments
  • Credit Risk Assignments
  • Critical Issues in Global Tourism Assignments
  • Critical Issues in Health and Wellbeing Assignments
  • Current Issues in Enterprise Systems Assignments
  • Current Issues in Sport Business Assignments
  • Current Issues in the Community Sector Assignments
  • Customer Behaviour Assignments


  • Decision Making Tools Assignments
  • Decision Support in Contemporary Organisations Assignments
  • Derivative Securities Assignments
  • Derivative Security Pricing Assignments
  • Derivatives Assignments
  • Developing Financial Resources Assignments
  • Dimensions of Tourism Assignments
  • Diversity Management Assignments
  • Labour and Industry in the Global Context Assignments
  • Labour Economics Assignments
  • Law for Leisure, Sport and Tourism Assignments
  • Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Assignments
  • Legal Issues for the Experience Industries Assignments
  • Leisure and Fitness Centre Operations Assignments
  • Leisure Management Assignments
  • Lifespan Development Assignments


  • Macroeconomics: Theory and Applications Assignments
  • Management and Organization Seminars Assignments
  • Management and Organizations Assignments
  • Management Capstone Assignments
  • Management Consulting Assignments
  • Management Consulting Assignments
  • Management Decisions and Control Assignments
  • Management Knowledge Assignments
  • Management Planning and Control Assignments
  • Management Project Assignments
  • Management Research Methods Assignments
  • Management Skills Assignments
  • Managerial Finance Assignments
  • Managing Human Resources in Indigenous Organisations Assignments
  • Marketing Analytics Assignments
  • Marketing Analytics and Decisions Assignments
  • Marketing and International Trade Relations Assignments
  • Marketing Channel Management Assignments
  • Marketing Communications Assignments
  • Marketing for the Experience Industries Assignments
  • Marketing Foundations Assignments
  • Marketing Management Assignments
  • Marketing of Leisure Services Assignments
  • Marketing Planning and Strategy Assignments
  • Marketing Projects and Services Overseas Assignments
  • Marketing Research Assignments
  • Marketing Research Project Assignments
  • Mathematical Finance Assignments
  • Measurement and Development of Physical Capacity Assignments
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Assignments
  • Monitoring Organizational Performance Assignments


  • New Product Analysis and Management Assignments
  • Numerical Analysis for Quantitative Finance Assignments
  • Nutrition for Health and Physical Activity Assignments


  • Olympic Games and Mega Events Assignments
  • Operations and Value Chain Strategy Assignments
  • Organization Development Assignments
  • Organizational Analysis Assignments
  • Organizational Behavior in Practice Assignments
  • Organizational Structure and Change Assignments


  • Performance and Talent Management Assignments
  • Performance Studies 1: Gymnastics and Dance Assignments
  • Performance Studies 2: Dance and Athletics Assignments
  • Performance Studies 3: Sport and Aquatics Assignments
  • Performance Studies 4: Skill Acquisition (Sport) Assignments
  • Personal Financial Planning Assignments
  • Personal Wealth Management Assignments
  • PhD Thesis: Economics Assignments
  • PhD Thesis: Finance Assignments
  • PhD Thesis: Leisure, Sport and Tourism Assignments
  • PhD Thesis: Management Assignments
  • PhD Thesis: Marketing Assignments
  • Philosophy of Science Assignments
  • Philosophy of Science and Theory Assignments
  • Planning for Sustainable Destinations Assignments
  • Popular Culture and the Experience Industries Assignments
  • Portfolio Analysis Assignments
  • Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries Assignments
  • Pricing Analysis and Revenue Management Assignments
  • Pricing and Revenue Management Assignments
  • Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes Assignments
  • Professional Internship (Capstone) Assignments
  • Project Financing Assignments
  • Public Economics Assignments


  • Qualitative Research Assignments
  • Quantitative Business Analysis Assignments
  • Quantitative Management Assignments


  • Readings and Reflecting on Management Assignments
  • Readings for Thesis Assignments
  • Readings for Thesis in Marketing (Honours) Assignments
  • Real Estate Finance and Investment Assignments
  • Research Design and Data Collection Techniques Assignments
  • Research Design and Data Collection Tools Assignments
  • Research for Human Movement Assignments
  • Research for Marketing Decisions Assignments
  • Research Foundations for Leisure Sport and Tourism Assignments
  • Research Management and Strategy Techniques Assignments
  • Research Management and Strategy Tools Assignments
  • Research Methodology and Data Analysis Techniques Assignments
  • Research Methodology and Data Analysis Tools Assignments
  • Research Methods and Approaches in Management and Organizations Assignments
  • Research Project (Public/Community) Assignments
  • Research Project in e-Business Marketing Assignments
  • Research Seminar in Finance and Economics Assignments
  • Research Seminars in Management Assignments
  • Research Techniques in Finance and Economics Assignments
  • Research Techniques in Management Assignments
  • Researching Organizations and Management Assignments~
  • Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations Assignments
  • Resource Management: Nonprofit Assignments


  • Service Operations Management Assignments
  • Services Marketing Analysis and Strategy Assignments
  • Skill Acquisition Assignments
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Management Assignments
  • Social Analysis and Indigenous Community Organizations Assignments
  • Social Change and Community Practice Assignments
  • Socio cultural Concepts for Leisure, Sport and Tourism Assignments
  • Special Learning Project Assignments
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology Assignments
  • Sport Business Assignments
  • Sport Globalization Assignments
  • Sport in the Global Marketplace Assignments
  • Sport Management Assignments
  • Sport Marketing Assignments
  • Sport Organizations Assignments
  • Sport Tourism Assignments
  • Statistical Methods for Quantitative Finance Assignments
  • Strategic Business Marketing Assignments
  • Strategic Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age Assignments
  • Strategic Enterprise Management Systems Assignments
  • Strategic Governance and the Business of Government Assignments
  • Strategic Human Resource Management Assignments
  • Strategic Human Resource Management Assignments
  • Strategic Human Resource Management Assignments
  • Strategic International Marketing Assignments
  • Strategic Issues in Community Management Assignments
  • Strategic Management Assignments
  • Strategic Management in Leisure, Sport and Tourism Organizations Assignments
  • Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations Assignments
  • Strategic Operations Management Assignments
  • Strategic Procurement Assignments
  • Strategic Resource Management Assignments
  • Strategic Services Marketing Assignments
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management Assignments
  • Strategy: Theory and Practice Assignments
  • Studies in Business Communication Assignments
  • Sustainable Enterprise Assignments
  • Sustainable Tourism Management Assignments
  • Synthetic Financial Products Assignments


  • Technical Analysis Assignments
  • The Experience Economy Assignments
  • The Financial System Assignments
  • The Global Context of Management Assignments
  • The Global Economy (Capstone) Assignments
  • The Sport Industry Assignments
  • The Tourism Business Assignments
  • Thesis in Accounting Assignments
  • Thesis in Finance and Economics (Honours) Assignments
  • Thesis in Marketing (Honours) 1 Assignments
  • Thesis in Mathematics and Finance (Honours) Assignments
  • Third Sector: Theory and Context Assignments
  • Time Series Econometrics Assignments
  • Tour Operator and Wholesaling Management Assignments
  • Tourism and Sustainability Assignments
  • Tourism and the Industry Assignments
  • Tourism Marketing Assignments
  • Tourist Attractions Management Assignments
  • Tourist Behavior Assignments
  • Transnational Management Assignments


Understanding Organizations: Theory and Practice Assignments


  • Venture Capital and Private Equity: Theory and Practice Assignments
  • Venture Capital Finance Assignments
  • Venue and Facility Management Assignments
  • Venue Management Assignments
  • Volunteering: Social and Organizational Perspectives Assignments


  • Wealth Management Assignments
  • Workplace Communications Assignments

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