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Effective way to motivate employees in an organization

Giving a raise to the employees is not always possible for the organization. So how can organizations motivate their employees without giving them a raise in salary or any extra pay. Often various believers believe that money is not always the best motivator and it creates a mind set among employees that nothing is worth doing unless an extra pay is given. Study has shown that workers who have a personal contact with their beneficiaries of work are more happy and perform better than those who who do not. All employees want to be recognized and expect appreciation and opportunities to grow. This article will discuss ways to motivate employees effectively.
Giving recognition and attention after the employees have achieved a great result can create immense motivation in employees. The managers should learn to appreciate his staff on their achievements. Recognition in form of applause, back patting, etc in team meetings, social office gatherings, luncheon is a good gesture to bring confidence and motivate employees. Other way to motivate employee is in one to one coaching which shows a caring attitude to the employees from their manager’s part, the result is often positive, and with proper encouragement, the employee might achieve great results. Training sessions are also an effective way to motivate employees. Training for motivation purpose becomes much more effective when the management can recognize specific employees who have the ability to display particular skills when taught and ultimately will enhance the performance and the productivity of the business. Setting well-defined career paths within the organization also plays an effective role in motivating employees who wants to reach a set of defined goals.

Other effective measures to motivate employees include creating a good and viable work atmosphere in an organization as working conditions are the important factor of motivation for employees. A good and nice office with good infrastructure and various employee benefits goes a long way in motivating employees. Some good atmosphere measures includes enough working space for all employees, right desk, chairs and other infrastructure, right temperature with proper air conditioning etc. defining job titles also taps self esteem among the employees the way the employees are perceived in the organization also increases their morale and this feeling makes them motivated especially when they feel that others are proud of him and respect him. Giving leadership roles to employees also motivates them.

Thus, there are many ways to motivate employees. The management should understand the employee and motivate them accordingly.

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